Becoming the Other Woman: The Psychic Drama of Cosmetic ... - jstor

she is the Other Woman, the yardstick for our imperfection ... our," E-Online, January 13, 2000, / Features /Specials / Beauty/. 51.

Becoming the Other Woman: The Psychic Drama of Cosmetic ... - jstor - Zugehörige Dokumente

Becoming the Other Woman: The Psychic Drama of Cosmetic ... - jstor

she is the Other Woman, the yardstick for our imperfection ... our," E-Online, January 13, 2000, / Features /Specials / Beauty/. 51.

Theodor Storm and Psychic Phenomena - jstor

Eine Halligfahrt, is significant. In it Storm has his old cousin express the following view: "Do you know that there exist vi- sions? Now and then, as if it could no.

The Fable of the Crow and the Palm-Tree: A Psychic Motif in ... - jstor

crow alights upon a palm-tree just at the moment when the tree is falling, making it ... There are three derivatives from a copulative compound of the two birds' names ... 'The idea that the practices of a wizard (yatudhana), or demon. (raksas), give rise to ... carver, their souls riven with hostility towards each other. One day the ...

The Psychic Geography of Joyce's "Dubliners" - jstor

James Joyce, Dubliners (New York: Viking, 1968), p. 34; hereafter cited parenthetically, thus: (D34). 4- Jackson Cope, "Joyce's Waste Land" ...

Drama - jstor

Szondi's best known comments on Strindberg occur in the first section of his 1956 dissertation, Theorie des modernen. Dramas [Theory of the Modern Drama].1 ...

The Woman Who Was Me - jstor

I had rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad—and to ... Let them fuck me. Whatever they ... I tried to hug him, but he was already ...

der erzähler im drama - jstor

Manfred Pfister, Das Drama: Theorie und Analyse (München, 1977), S. 21. Pfister entschei- det sich damit für die erste der von Rolf Fieguth angebotenen ...

Old Woman Magoun - jstor

except to crochet that coarse lace; somehow her heavy brain or her fingers had mastered that. "I know she's got a beautiful color," replied Old Woman Magoun, ...

Woman as Ruin - jstor

wider tradition of the ruin and its influence on body aesthetics. Specifically, her ruin-based ... Boston Herald 19 Apr. 1995: 43. Simon, Katie. "Joan Myers at ...

Drama in Aesthetic Education - jstor

Florence Samson, as a new faculty member at Queens College CUNY, accepted an in- vitation to ... guage with his community in Chinatown and occupying the position of ... Amanda reflected: "That evening I learned not only something specific about my group ... They went to [night] school to lear to read, write, and speak.

Prose-Poem-Drama - jstor

he "had direct contact witii die man who wrote about diat man diat ended up hanging himself in die rafters of his house" ("Getting Back to Writing" 124). 11.

Enriching Language Through Drama - jstor

Enriching Language Through Drama. Norah Morgan. Juliana Saxton. In 1984 the National Association for Drama in Education (Australia) published the results ...

The Old Woman Who Eats Flowers - jstor

I heard the voice of an old woman who was squatting down in front of the ... At that time, it had many beautiful buds about to bloom at the tips of the leaves, and I ...

Arrival of the Snake-Woman - jstor

And it was Moses who told us about the snake-woman. While Trinna was young and pretty and the place was full of other women for the asking, the kind of woman ...

Rousseau's Natural Woman - jstor

Natural. Woman. SUSAN MOLLER OKIN. ROUSSEAU IS DEAS and arguments about women-their nature, their education, and their proper place in the social ...

Hildegard of Bingen at 900. The Eye of a Woman - jstor

and mystic Hildegard of Bingen, JUNE BOYCE-TILLMAN ... the 12th-century abbess Hildegard of Bingen ... develop new and richer ways of speaking about.

Hardy's Sue Bridehead and the 'New Woman' - jstor

off her suitors and becomes devoted to her career as an actuarist. More usually, though, the New Woman's revolt ends either tragically or in conformity. Herminia ...

The Chorus in Greek Life and Drama - jstor

The Chorus in Greek Life and Drama. HELEN H.BACON. TA HE musical form of Athenian drama, in part its ever-present chorus, reflects the fact that it was.

Lessing and the Drama of the Theory of Tragedy - jstor

Garland, Lessing: The Founder of Modern German Literature (Cambridge: ... duration of tragic drama extends, Philotas and Emilia can in a sense both be con-.

Songs from Restoration Drama in Contemporary and ... - jstor

William Congreve, Love for Love 3. 1. Words in The ... Thomas Rawlins, Tom Essence; or, The Modish Wife 4. 1. Words in The ... in text. Words in A Choice Collection of 180 Loyal Songs,. 1685, 1694, p. 300; Deliciae Poeticae, 1706, p. ... Thomas Odell, The Patron, 1729, 2. ... 503, 656, 660, 667, which notes another parody,.

Voice and Narration in Postmodern Drama - jstor

narration in drama and go on to note the distinctively postmodern transformations that ... drama. Others follow the example of Manfred Pfister, who acknowledges.

maria stuart in drama der weltliteratur - jstor

MARIA STUART IN DRAMA DER WELTLITERATUR vornehmlich des 17 und 18. Jahrhunderts. Ein Beitrag zur vergleichenden Literaturgeschichte von Dr. Karl ...

The Hour of the Woman: Memories of Germany's - jstor

research assistance; the German Academic Exchange Service, the Mowry ... denten Darmstadt, Kassel, Wiesbaden (VIII a [3] 50 f 24 02-3254/53), October 17, ...

The Woman Poet in a National Tradition - jstor

of Ireland as a majestic and radiant maiden'. The more I looked ... that flamed up and then burned itself out, so that its particular darkness ... in Irish poetry. All of these things forced me into a series ... confusion and division; in an ethical dusk. Even when ... as triumphs. In every age language holds out narcosis and amnesia.

The Woman on the Cross: Ritual and Self-Sacrifice in the ... - jstor

understand better the role of ritual within the phenomenon of decadence as it was expressed ... earlier ages in A rebours, La-bas, and Ognennyi angel points to the decadents' attraction to ... and then console her with tender caresses. 'Russian ...

The Iphigenia in Tauris Theme in Drama of the Eighteenth ... - jstor

of a love motif correspond fairly well to the new tradition. A son for Thoas is ... 116-117; and by James Boyd, Goethe's Iphigenie auf Tauris (O. Doubts about the ...

The Problem of Closet Drama in the Italian Renaissance - jstor

bibliography of the Folger Library holdings of nehrly 800 Italian plays ... A number of the Folger plays expressly disclaim any prospect of performance ... 6 JONAS BARISH ... hypothetical stageability Merope would rank well above Torrismondo,.

Challenges for Teaching the Aesthetics of Drama Online - jstor

for teaching the aesthetics of drama online" and "Drama futures: Possibilities for reasearch, advocacy and policy in the 21st Century." Journal of Aesthetic ...

Contemporary Russian Drama: The Journey from Stagnation ... - jstor

golden age of Russian drama (1990s and 2000s), understood Moscow's ... theatres such as one called Women in Chelyabinsk and another called Loge in ... numerous awards in 2004 (including Nikolai Koliada's annual Eurasia award) and.

The Horn of Plenty: Cuckoldry and Capital in the Drama of the ... - jstor

dictionary of topographical allusions in English Renaissance ... I say "popular" drama because, although cuckoldry and the fear of ... bourgeois psychology.

Das türkische Drama der Gegenwart: Eine literarhistorische ... - jstor

Rifat (Horozcu) sind unter dem Nachnamen kaum bekannt und ... von Goethe ausgegangen, doch gelang es Batu, eine, wenn auch noch im Formalen unvollendete ... 2 In der. Miihle trifft er seine alte Jugendliebe wieder, die die verstoBene.

The Birth of Music out of the Spirit of Drama: An Essay in ... - jstor

reflecting upon each chord under a fermata, so to speak. ... harmonic implication in one chord to spring open the ... tions of Wanderer Chords-an exposition.

Figuring Modernity: The New Woman and the Modern Girl in ... - jstor

Sophisticated and elusive, the Modern Girl appears in two main guises. In some texts, the Modern Girl appears as a female character actively seeking love,.

Woman and the Promise of Modernity: Signs of Love for the ... - jstor

Sheila Miyoshi Jager. It is the model narratives that give "meaning" to our readings of ourselves and others. We are used to working with variations on, critiques ...

Retelling the Story of a Woman Warrior in Hua Mulan (花木兰 ... - jstor

32, No. 2 (2018), pp. 362–387. doi: 10.13110/marvel- ... Mulan's story has a long history of over 1,500 years in China, but the Disney. Corporation made her story ...

A woman's right to self—defense: The case of Aileen Carol ... - jstor

sion to see a gynecologist for painful, heavy bleeding. Wuornos decided to confess only after repeated entreaties by Tyria. Moore, her lover, who was, early on,.