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German art stood two other foreigners, both colleagues of Feininger's at the Bauhaus, the Russian, Kan- dinsky, and the half-French Swiss, Paul Klee. 1 o find a ...

Lyonel Feininger - MoMA - Zugehörige Dokumente

Lyonel Feininger - MoMA

German art stood two other foreigners, both colleagues of Feininger's at the Bauhaus, the Russian, Kan- dinsky, and the half-French Swiss, Paul Klee. 1 o find a ...

lyonel feininger - Stadtmarketing Halle

29. Apr. 2019 ... Page 10. 10. Die Türme über der Stadt, 1931, Öl auf Leinwand, 88,3 x 124 cm,. Museum Ludwig ... Mond hier in luftiger Höhe auf die Wände.

Der Konspekt - Lyonel Feininger Gymnasium

eigenständiger. Formulierung zusammenfassen ... Formulierung,. 8 Konspekt aufbereiten ... Strukturierte Textwiedergabe. Friedrich Eiserbeck - Klasse 10/1 - 04.

LYONEL FEININGER Bauhaus-Manifest - Verlagsgruppe Random ...

17. Juli 2018 ... Zwar konnte Gropius 1923 im Rahmen der Bauhaus-Ausstellung die ... unteren Spitze auf einem massiven Rundholz, dessen kreisförmiger.

Bauhaus am Folkwang Lyonel Feininger 18. Januar - Museum ...

17. Jan. 2019 ... Bauhaus-Reihe im Museum Folkwang startet mit Lyonel Feininger ... von humoristischen Blättern erhalten hat, arbeitet er als Illustrator und.

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8 Apr 2015 ... Maja Oeri and Hans Bodenmann. Hiroshi Ohchi. Yumiko Ohchi ... James B. Flaws and Marcia D. Weber. Gwendolyn R. and. Austin T.

Feininger-Course - Spa & GolfResort Weimarer Land

[email protected] GolfResort Weimarer Land. Weimarer Straße 60. 99444 Blankenhain designed by Städler G olf Courses ...


1 May 2019 ... - U. Luckhardt, Lyonel Feininger: Die Zeichnungen und Aquarelle, Cologne, 1998, p. 223. Page 6 ...


FIND Omnibot 2000, remote-controlled robot. This remote-controlled robot was designed as a toy for children—but adults played with it too! It can record voices ...

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1. Juni 2014 ... sprecherin Susanne Daubner im Studio Hamburg in Warteposition zu sehen. ... heitstraum leben und bei einer WM dabei sein. Außerdem ...

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Fluxus had its antecedents in those en lightened, earlier twentieth-century artists who wanted to release art from the mori bund constraints of formalism. What Dada ...

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Diary entry, October 23, 1947 ... artist when, in the summer of 1914, at the age of thirty, he enlisted in the ... hours —keeps him going: "My will to live is at present stronger than ever ... demption shows a dichotomous vision of the world, stemming from the ... bestiary of Hieronymus Bosch, whose work would leave Beck.

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Maja Oeri. Richard E. Oldenburg**. Michael S. Ovitz. Richard D. Parsons. Peter G. Peterson* ... Weber, nicknamed “La Goulue,” the reigning belle of this milieu.

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Camille Bryen, Paris; Mrs. Edith Schloss. Burckhardt, ... Mr. and Mrs. G. David Thompson,. Pittsburgh; ... David Cole Gallery, Sausalito, California; Caloric Daniel Cordier, Paris; ... Spanish, born Barcelona, 1893; lives in Mallorca. . '*151. Object ...

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9 Nov 2019 ... ... 111111 nil lllllOOOOOlOlOlllOU. 51001 00011lllOOUOlOOlOOOlOOOOOlOOOOllI 10101010011001100011111001111101 11110111110 ...

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ABOUT THE VILLA SAVOYE. Designed by Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) and his cousin, Pierre Jeanneret, with interior spaces and furnishings by ...

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2 Setting for a corned y: after an engraving in. Serho's DE ... *19 'THE MAS~UE. OF !ii.UEE:NS, Ben Jon- ... *106 -Act II: Klingsor's Dungeon. 107 -Act. III: The ...

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In the summer Knoedler exhibits a selection from the. Duncan Phillips ... be seen in drawings by Brockmann and Grosz and in the collage by Hoch. Printmakers ...

Bonnard - MoMA

In The Croquet Game (no.4), Bonnard's masterpiece of the early 1890s ... paring The Croquet Game with Denis' Easter Mystery (fig.i), ... Daphnis et Chloe 18.

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tion for the rational nature of Gothic architecture, Art. Nouveau artists were also intrigued by the ornament, especially in the late manifestations of the Gothic.

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the Wall Drawings and the Books by Lucy R. Lippard 23. Sol LeWitt and Drawing by Bernice Rose 31. 43 List of Illustrations: 49 Illustrations: Work of Sol LeWitt, ...

Soutine - MoMA

Blutman, New York; Arthur Bradley Campbell, Palm Beach, Fla.; William E. Camp bell, Mobile, Ala.; M. ... There is only one nude by Soutine (p. 92), so far as we ...

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The Museum of Modern Art, New York. YOKO ONO. ONE. WOMAN. SHOW. 1960–1971 ... to the quandary of what can be done with the grapefruit. The beautiful ... “My black paintings and my white paintings are either too full or too empty to be.

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Collection Weyhe Gallery, New York. ARP, Hans. Sculptor and painter. Born. Strasburg ... Born Cha tou,. France, 1880. Studied with Carriere; in- fluenced by ...

Franz West - MoMA

11 Nov 1997 ... 25-November 11, 1997. Author. West, Franz, 1947-2012. Date. 1997 ... Department of Painting and Sculpture. In addition to thanking the many ...

Henri Rousseau - MoMA

Friends of Rousseau once explained his jungle pictures as memories of his Mexican ... before it is a war horse, a nude woman or an anecdote— is essentially a ...

modern art and ideas 3 - MoMA

This is the third volume in the Modern Art and Ideas series for educators, which explores the history of ... research, and hands-on, art-based activities that encourage students to make connections ... their prison . ... Cologne: Taschen, 2005.

The machine, as seen at the end of the mechanical age - MoMA

until his manuscripts were published late in the nine ... There on the earth is the first dawn of history, and ... (0 Glacial Landscapes (Eislandschaften Eiszapfen.

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Joan Miro was born in Montroig, a small town near Barcelona, on April 20, 1893. His Catalan ... September 1940 only spans the two shores with a barely perceptible bridge, though one supported by ... Dichtung moderner Maler. p. 80,. 83 ill.

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was born in 1886 in the ancient city of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) on the border of Germany ... Though the development of steel and glass as building materials had begun in ... Neue Fassadensysteme: Zusammenfassung der Grundsatzlichen.

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Viennese collection of Dr. Rudolf Leopold, which consists of more than 150 ... Fenz. 1975 Munich, Haus der Kunst, February 22-March 11, 1975. Egon Schiele.

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of Graphic Design and Advertising, Claire Corey, Production. Manager ... Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Diane Arbus, and Helmut. Newton.1 ... Eastman House and modernist paintings in Buffalo's Albright-. Knox Art ... disavow: Walkthrough.

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5 Jun 2017 ... Maja Oeri. Lynne Pasculano in honor of. James L. Coddington ... Carol J. Feinberg. Ellen S. Flamm. James B. Flaws and. Marcia D. Weber.

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THE WEYHE GALLERY, NEW YORK. In addition to ... El Greco and Goya, especially Goya of the "black manner. 11 ... more reminiscent of Zuloaga than Greco.