Murie Ranch Historic Furnishings Report 2013 - National Park Service

Nautical floor lamp continues to occupy its traditional position next to the sofa. Photograph taken in ... Appears to be signed by Mark Bekoff, says “To all the fine folks at the Murie ... Godlovitch, Stanley and Roslind and John Harris, eds. Animals ...

Murie Ranch Historic Furnishings Report 2013 - National Park Service - Zugehörige Dokumente

Murie Ranch Historic Furnishings Report 2013 - National Park Service

Nautical floor lamp continues to occupy its traditional position next to the sofa. Photograph taken in ... Appears to be signed by Mark Bekoff, says “To all the fine folks at the Murie ... Godlovitch, Stanley and Roslind and John Harris, eds. Animals ...

Historic Furnishings Report - National Park Service

14 Oct 2004 ... Appendix I: “Ship's Store Laundry List,” [no date]. 269 ... prior to docking in Charlestown, for interpretive purposes representative types of ammuni- tion are ... past so as to minimize exposure in the event of radioactive fallout.42.

2013 wolf project annual report - National Park Service

There were at least 95 wolves in 10 packs and one group (8 breeding pairs) living primarily in Yellowstone National Park during December 2013. These totals are ...

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The Rough Riders. 1927. The Gay Defender ... 1927. Open Range. 1927. Two Flaming Youths w/W.C. Fields ... Borderland w/Wm. Boyd. 1937. Mountain Music ...

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during my engagement and while I am an employee of Russell, Majors, and. Waddell, I will ... 8. Don't go too far south before turning west to California, the trappers advised, for ... and the Emigration Canyon Road into Salt Lake City approximate their route. ... next: a nerve-wracking jump off the summit, straight down the.

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(General Inquisitor of the Indies, isiands and continent of the Sea Ocean) was ... mismos derechos de que gozan los a/tivos Aragoneses, los fieros Catalanes, ...

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were printed by photographers James Rosenthal, Renee Bieritz, and Jack E. Boucher. The Exhibition was ... appointed Harold Ickes as Secretary of the Interior and in that same year ... [il Michael Wallace, "Reflections on the History of Historic.

Technical Report 129 - National Park Service

Cuyahoga River and Ohio and Erie Canal, with the core of the community situated along Boston Mills and ... Among those benefits would be the cessation of constructing multiple facilities to replace ... finish est plastic bottle on. (16) bolt. (19) slag. (20) (21) .22 caliber shell (22) button (23) ring e ir ... Tinkers Creek. Brecksville.

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West Bergen--East Lincoln Park Historic District - National Park ...

The West Bergen-East Lincoln Park Historic District in the City of Jersey City, Hudson County, New ... buildings, particularly automobile repair and service shops.

Historic Properties in Grand Teton Naitonal Park - National Park ...

Today, the Murie Ranch, a National. Historic Landmark, is part of the Teton. Science Schools organization (TSS). As a park partner, TSS offers educational and.

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Historic Landmarks theme study / edited by Franklin Odo. Other titles: Asian ... theme study | National historic landmark theme study. ... Lavender Town. Selleck,.

Kennecott Cultural Landscape Report Part 2 - National Park Service

Kennecoll NHL on CD-ROM. 1001(. HAER Doc:umentation of KelllNl<)Qft Tram ... Moisl gravelly and rocky alpine snes. Swnp:eeec-urace ramny> small -ifraac.

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Yosemite National Park covers an area of 747,956 acres along the central western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in east-central California.

Early History of Yellowstone National Park - National Park Service

25 Apr 2014 ... Washburn exploring expedition in August, 1870. Folsom, Langford, and Hauser had come to Montana together with the first. Fisk expedition, ...

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what was formerly the municipal center of the town of Dana, Massachusetts. ... By the turn of the century, Dana was becoming popular as a summer resort and as ...

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middle and high school students. ... Angeles High School, were held and 900 visitors ... spotted owl, marbled murrelet, fisher, and several species of bats.

Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve - National Park Service

In March, Eagle Resident Andy Bassich assisted the park's Water Ecologist, a Ranger from Gates of the Arctic National Park and. Preserve, and staff from the ...

Mojave National Preserve, California - National Park Service

Landwirte haben ihre Zäune von Juniperholz gebaut; an alten, verlassenen ... Eine von den vielen Eidechsenarten in der Mohave ist die desert night lizard, die ... Informationszentrum, am Hole-in-the-Wall selbst, im Black Canyon und auf dem.

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Trailhead. Many Parks Curve. Moraine Park. Rock Cut. Forest. Canyon. Lava Cliffs. Fall River Pass. Alpine Ridge Trail. Milner Pass. 10758 ft. 3279m. Medicine.

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Inventory Form for Lowcks Barber Shop/Saguache Crescent Newspaper, 2000; ... Raby reporting this building was a saloon operated by O'Neil about 1910.

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the quest, the never-ending quest, in yosemite is for an almost spiritual or super- ... end—at the destinations of Glacier Point and Hetch Hetchy. ... complex, which was originally built in 1966 and recon- structed in ... goals for natural resources and processes, wildland ... 2005 Yosemite in Time: Ice Ages, Tree Clocks, Ghost.

Who Eats Who? - National Park Service

Elk. Grasses, sedges, shrubs, aspen bark, aquatic plants. Wolves, Grizzly bears, Mountain lions, humans. Red Fox. Grasshoppers, beetles, crickets, berries, nuts ...

War of 1812 - National Park Service

McMertrey, John. Matlock,. McAdoo,. McCaig,. Massey,. Manning,. Benjamin. David. Samuel. Joe 1 ... Calvin',:'6'. Carraby,'Etienne 1. L Broyard,'Gllbert 4. Camas, Hubert 5. Carson, Thomas Cpl • . J': .Bru;F,s 1 ... HARY PARlSH. 1814 - I. 1815.

Built to Last - National Park Service

Built to Last: Ten Enduring Landmarks of Baltimore's Central Business District, Historic American Buildings Survey, Washington, DC, May 2002. National Park ...

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Figure 2-8 Visitors to GWMP over the past decade (2003-2013) by year (top) and by ... Potomac, Mount Vernon Estates and Gardens, Mount Vernon Trail, Potomac Heritage National ... groundwater, organic contaminants and metals in streams, and radon in ground ... classified as oak-hickory-pine forest by Skeen et al.

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Welcome to Bryce Canyon National Park, home to the largest collection of hoodoos in the world. Explore the park by ... Additional Stops in Bryce Canyon City at Ruby's Inn, Grand View Hotel, and Ruby's Campground ... mountain bike trails.

NPS JHA Policy - National Park Service

17 Sep 2002 ... Departmental Manual (DM), Part 485, Chapter 14. ... Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and American National Standards Institute ... around poison oak, a barrier cream or lotion, such as Ivy Block®, Armor® or Tecnu® ... Entry supervisor: The person (such as a foreman or crew chief) responsible for.

A New Lease - National Park Service

grinding device of some sort. It has an input port ... Deby Bellman is assistant textile conservator, NPS. Harpers Ferry ... Nelb, Tawny Ryan. "Will Your Drawings ...

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John Robbins was a member of the Lexington militia. He gave the following statement about what happened at Lexington Green on April 19. Just before sunrise, I ...

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SECTION 20. SURRENDER AND HOLDING OVER. 20.1 Surrender of the Premises. 20.2 Holding Over. SECTION 21. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY LAWS. SECTION ...

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Directions to the Marin Headlands. From North: Take Hwy 101 south and take Exit. 442: “Alexander Ave Exit,” just before Golden. Gate Bridge. Turn left at stop, ...

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Revolution, January 22, 1912, SAR Membership Number 23694, accessed ... foot dry stone wall, which Moses Carver apparently constructed himself.120 ...

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darkness of the night sky based on the faintest star that can be seen with your eyes. Orion. Below are pictures of how many stars you can see at different limiting ...

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resources that relate to the theme of World War II in the Pacific and to recommend ... On June 4, 1942, the Battle of Midway proved to be the turning point in the Pacific War. ... historic. Attu Battlefield and U.S. Army and Navy Airfields on Attu.