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2016. –. Access: http://www.minfin.gov.by/ru/budget_execution/ – Access Date: 10.03.2016. УДК 811.111 ... 'An advertising slogan is a concise phrase that defines an advertising campaign. The most ... Adidas – Impossible is nothing. // Calvin ...

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specific features of advertising slogans - Digital Repository Of ...


2016. –. Access: http://www.minfin.gov.by/ru/budget_execution/ – Access Date: 10.03.2016. УДК 811.111 ... 'An advertising slogan is a concise phrase that defines an advertising campaign. The most ... Adidas – Impossible is nothing. // Calvin ...



Trakia Journal of Sciences, No 3, pp 267-274, 2016 ... advertising slogans are as follows: metaphor, exclamation, antithesis, hyperbole, and aposiopesis. On.

Mixed-Language and Humorous Advertising Slogans


summarises the most important points that led to the forms of advertising that are ... the furniture company Mömax, feet or velocity for Adidas etc.). ... Reward (or.

Linguistic Analysis of English Advertising Slogans in Yachting


the language features of yachting slogans at phonological, lexical, syntactic and ... 2016; 01: 40-47. 2. ... (Guinness), Impossible is nothing (Adidas), Diamonds.

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ten Germans and asked them to translate English slogans used in German advertising ... In 2016, they surveyed about 6000 participants in Germany on their ... Adidas. Original is never finished. Germany. English. 7. C&A. Schenkt euch Freude.

Specific Uses of Angels, Devils, Heaven and Hell in Advertising


30 Nov 2018 ... symbols. This article examines changes in representations ... devils are fallen angels (3); a poetical answer: God made the angels blowing up ...



A latent style model describing manga styles based on the proposed manga-specific ... The similarity between the query document and a database docu-.

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29 Nov 2017 ... done (Ussing chambers: short circuit currents (Isc)). Additionally, effects of ... Ussing chamber studies were performed with muscle- stripped ...

Sex-Specific Features of Microglia from Adult Mice - Cell Press


19 Jun 2018 ... Alessandro Villa,1,2 Paolo Gelosa,3 Laura Castiglioni,2 Mauro Cimino,4 Nicoletta Rizzi,2 Giovanna Pepe,1,2 Federica Lolli,2. Elena Marcello ...

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Corresponding author: Daniel Bittner, MD; Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Department of. Cardiology, University Hospital Erlangen, ...

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10 Jun 2010 ... In the last section, several policy recommendations are made ... issued by European companies, such as Gameforge and its Metin2, the ... surface in the complexities of the mobile ecosystem, in the fight for control among the.

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the tens of thousands of digital magazines in circulation, ad campaign success ... discovered a successful business model for digital magazine publishing?



3.1 Mapping the Ecosystem . ... Business Insider: “5 video advertising trends that will change your business.” 7. PwC: “2017-2021 Global Entertainment and ... Pricing model in which the advertiser pays for every time a video ad runs through to ...

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Smartphone Fixed HD. (Fixed positioning) ... Smartphone Scrollable HD ... Custom ad units not mentioned here (i.e. wallpapers, microsites, etc.) may be accepted ... 1366x768. 1600x900. 768x1366. 900x1600. 250 KB. 1920x1080. 2560x1440.

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Vendor Name. Vendor Address. Vendor City, State. Contract No. Vendor ID. Carnegie Dartlet LLC 2 LAN Drive, Suite 100. Westford, MA 01886 CN‐00038820.

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to see publishers redesigning their sites with consumers in mind—slimming down the number of ads and paying better attention to aspects like page load time, ...

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Interest Based Ads. Ad Choices. Ad Marker Sizes & Dimensions. To ensure legibility of the Ad Marker, a minimum size has been determined. The DAA icon ...

Examining the Kantar Consulting HFSS Digital Advertising Analysis ...


£73.9m, Asda £59.5m, Morrisons £51.8m, Sainsburys £44.4m, Aldi £48.8m and Lidl £70.5m (total for just six grocers ... Fanta: Taking Over Halloween. WARC ...

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DuoFlex S2. DuoFlex CT V2 ... 092020. 092005. 092016. Max. Anzahl von. Erweiterungsmodulen. 2. 4. 2. 4. Max. Anzahl an CI Modul. 2 ... Verbaubar in DD Extension Kit *5 ... Neu: Übersicht von Features der Digital Devices Octopus Net Modelle ... Octopus.Net S2/4. Octopus.Net CT/2. Octopus.Net CT/4. Octopus.Net Rack.

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CSR's BlueCore® CSR8635 QFN is a single-chip. Bluetooth ROM audio solution for rapid evaluation and development of Bluetooth ROM stereo applications.

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Ahashare.com. Contents. Introduction. TASK 2. Unit 1 Advantages and disadvantages essays 1: Living abroad . Spotlight. 1 Writing about life changes and ...

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pleto del español, pero el comentario sobre lo que acontece en la película, ... Ce soatlsintli pia nipipiltontsin uan okse yektlapatilis para yaske in iluitl. In.

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Gender and Development is published by Oxfam three times a year. It is the only ... In April 1990 she joined Oxfam's Public ... Laundering, is an essen-.

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5 Oct 2019 ... time-intensive implementation by nursing faculty and their leadership (Fey & Jenkins, 2015). This is especially true when introducing new ...

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25 Aug 1971 ... used to pass on cultural practices and other forms of knowledge to the ... Lamerichs, N. (2013) The Cultural Dynamic of Doujinshi and ... “Animation and Psychology” is the title and topic of Masao Yokota's chapter, a psycho-.

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15 Feb 2018 ... Indiana University Maurer School of Law, [email protected] ... but fits like a tunic and leggings, leaving only the face, hands, and feet ... Alexandra Sims, Burkini Ban in Cannes Overturned as French Court Rules Decree.

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Los Andes centrales de Huánuco a Madre de Dios y la frontera inca . ... provincia de Larecaja en busca de un esclabo halle que en las fronteras de la dicha ...

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West and ot the English service to care o r 11Test G ck~ the ... One girl, Frances Oshi- no, received n scratch ... orgc.nizc.tion ~ 'rlll spook to the n.ttte Pilgrim Fel-.

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Austerlitz y Jena no es idéntico al Emperador Carlomagno. ... quejase le quería dar espacio de tres meses para que con él mejor se pudie- se ver y ansi mesmo ...

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The glocal phenomenon: Psy's “Gangnam Style” employs familiar visual ... Korean language, the incomprehensibility of lyrics in hangul, for example, does not ...

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Hannah Ariane Berkers. Activities speak louder than words. WHO. DO. YOU ... Job analysis was niet het meest sexy onderwerp, dat bleek wel op een congres ... positive affect, and intrinsic motivation (Birkeland & Buch, 2015; Curran, Hill,.

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2016). Festivals are an essential part of the jazz world (Frith 2007: 4) and serve as a. 'showcase ... London and North Sea jazz festivals. The mediation of jazz ...

Location-specific versus hemisphere-specific adaptation of ...


cilitate responding to compatible (incompatible) stimuli, thereby increasing (reducing) interference (Jacoby et al.,. 2003; see Cohen, Fuchs, Bar-Sela, Brumberg, ...

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Advanced Homeopathy Protocol. Its Introduction and Specific Disease. Efficacy. Dr. Kushal Banerjee. B.H.M.S. ... Formalised by Dr. Parimal Banerji, 1976.

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mature songs from U2's seventh studio album, Achtung Baby (1991), ... (1984) and The Joshua Tree (1987)—as a comparative basis for an assessment of U2's ... Guide also has separate links for each artist's discography, album personnel, ...