Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings: 1968-1981 - jstor

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings: 1968-1981. Sol LeWitt's reputation in the mid-sixties was made on the basis of art works that participated in and invented two of the ...

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Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings: 1968-1981 - jstor

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings: 1968-1981. Sol LeWitt's reputation in the mid-sixties was made on the basis of art works that participated in and invented two of the ...

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings

8 Jul 2018 ... Image: Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #1180, installed at the Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Conn., 2017. First installation: Sfeir-Semler ...

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Article: Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawings: Conservation of an ephemeral art practice. Author(s): John Hogan and Carol Snow. Source: Objects Specialty Group ...

Help Make Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #33 (1970) - The Utah ...

21 Jan 2019 ... Sol LeWitt (American, 1928–2007) is widely regarded as one of the leading exponents of Minimalism and Conceptual art. He is known primarily ...

More Drawings at Worms - jstor

pared paper; 615 x 395 mm., relevant to his dated painting of 1596 in ... Pen and brown ink, brown wash; 274 x. 194 mm. ... further selection of drawings from Worms is presented here. ... the studio of Bernardo Castello-Papal Coat of Arms with.

Daumier's Drawings of Don Quixote - jstor

ters of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Like the great ... to appear transparent, as compared with Sancho Panza's donkey, with its ... Leipzig, 1930, pp. 355-56.

Drawings by Jacopo Zucchi - jstor

wrote his pioneering study of the artist-"Jacopo Zucchi, Ein vergessener Meister ... collection, U.S.A. The other is a highly finished sketch traditionally ascribed to.

Erotic Drawings by Gericault - jstor

Erotic Drawings by Gericault. Lorenz Eitner. Gericault practically never represented women," noted. Charles Clement, whose book on the life and work of.

Delacroix Drawings at Bremen - jstor

and the Kunsthalle, Bremen,1 neither of which could hope to match ... the others from Swiss collections. ... sense of relief, in spite of their historical interest, that.

Northern Renaissance Drawings and Underdrawings: A ... - jstor

Windsor Castle.19 Infrared reflectography has shown that the design of the pricking in the drawing does not match the specific arrangement of pounced dots ...

The Prehistoric Ground Drawings of Peru - jstor

remains of ancient irrigation sys tems that held a particular fasci nation for Paul Kosok of Long Island. University. a student of pre-Columbi an South America.

Berichtsjahr 1981 - jstor

1881 - 1981: 100 Jahre Raiffeisenbank in Gruol; gemeinsam mehr leisten ist ... Spar- und Darlehnskasse eG Uplengen-Renels, Uplengen-Remels. 75 Jahre ...

(Originally receit~ed 23 February 1981; in final form 19 June 1981 ...

Abstract--This paper presents the development, verification, and implementation of a mechanistic model for the force system in end milling. This model is based ...

the drawings of john linnell in the victoria and albert museum - jstor

his passion for racing, a villa at Richmond which he purchased ... Strothoff, Mrs ... mounted by a shell and scrolling leaves supporting festoons of husks and han.

The history of Queen Christina's album of Goltzius drawings ... - jstor

1586,15 and on 12 April 1595 he received an imperial privi lege to prevent his ... The drawings span Goltzius's entire career. They differ very widely not only in ...

ägypten 1980 - 1981 - jstor

(4 Tf.) [zwei 1976 bei den ital. Grabun- gen gefundene ... 65-82 (5 Tf., 15 Abb.) [aus den ital. Grabungen (Grab des ... (Priestertitel des 10. o.äg. Gaus, p. 45ff.).

Sabin V. Dragoi (1894-1968) - jstor

Bucharest (1924-50), director of the opera house in Timigoara. (1940-44), vice-president of the ... Revista Muzica (Bucharest, 1960). These works reveal a ...

La Chanson française depuis mai 1968 - jstor

6tablis (Barbara, Brel, Brassens, Ferrat, Mireille Mathieu) et de leurs emules ... Simon. 11 part lui aussi du genre intimiste, a la Brel d'ailleurs. Ses premieres.

The Role of Iran in the Failed Coup of 1981: The IFLB in Bahrain - jstor

The IFLB in Bahrain. Hasan Tariq Alhasan. In December 1981, a group baptized al-Jabha al-Islamiyya li Tahrir al-Bahrayn. [The Islamic Front for the Liberation ...

Further Explorations in Southwestern Peloponnese: 1964-1968 - jstor

124 WILLIAM A. McDONALD AND RICHARD HOPE SIMPSON [AJA 73 studied the ... Profitis Ilias (Mila). The cemetery of Prophitis Ilias is about 6oo00 m. N.

Coping with Conway v. Rimmer [1968] AC 910: How Civil ... - jstor

[email protected] [email protected] The authors ... 59 Conway v. Rimmer [1968] AC 910, 911. 60 id., p. 957. öl id., p. 98/. 400. © 2010 The ...

1968 MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on ... - jstor

Beihefte zur Zeitschrift Wirkendes Wort. Cuadernos ... BEz 12:115-54. 2166. Stojkov, Stojko. "Balgarskorumanski ezikovi uspore- dici." EiL 21 ... Guru, Olimpia.

Jugend-, Musik- und Liedkultur um 1968: Zu einigen ... - jstor

Zu einigen Neuerscheinungen und CD-Editionen vier Jahrzehnte danach. Jiirgen Wilke zum 65 ... Auch wenn hier Neuerscheinungen zur Jugend-, Musik- und Liedkultur um 1968 im Mittelpunkt ... finden, und im ?Lexikon der Mythologie? fehlt.

On the Dynamics of Near-Wall Turbulence - jstor

simulations of turbulence), some of which is discussed by Walker et al. (1989) and ... Grett introduc three-di rapid ou evolution that the developm. The hyp.

"Dal disegno allo spazio": Michelangelo's Drawings for the ... - jstor

Michelangelo's drawings for the fortifications of Florence have stimu- lated considerable ... reflect ideas that Michelangelo may have gleaned from his travels to ...

Norwegian Literature behind the Berlin Wall - JStor

5 Nov 2019 ... were Hinstorff Verlag (Rostock), Aufbau Verlag, and Verlag Volk &. Welt (both in East Berlin). My discussion of the publishing processes.

Glad to be Gay Behind the Wall: Gay and Lesbian Activism in ... - jstor

11 Aug 2012 ... Its sauna was a well-known meeting ground for gay men, who sweated underneath a magnificently homoerotic stained-glass window designed ...

The Making of Wall Street Women - jstor

Wall Street Women. An Interview with Melissa Fisher. Marietta L. Baba. Melissa Suzanne Fisher. 2012. Wall Street. Women. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

The Wall-Decoration of the Cubiculum of the Villa of P ... - jstor


Out of the Closet behind the Wall: Sexual Politics and Social ... - jstor

dination of Eduard Stapel, the director for homosexual work of the Magdeburg city mission, because he lives in a homosexual partnership. As was the case with ...

Shantytowns and Pioneers beyond the City Wall: Berlin's ... - jstor

Throughout the nineteenth century concerns about Berlin's disproportionate growth were ... "double burden" of living in the suburbs, see also Zschocke, Die. 11 Minister of War ... holes in the wall were not the work of a dragon.38 T as unnatural ...

sol lewitt - GEM

17 Dec 2016 ... In. 1968 LeWitt started making wall draw- ings, large drawings directly on the wall of a building. This enabled him to reach a large audience.

Henrik Ostendorf Am Wall 82 Martin Wulff Am Wall 82 - Antifa Bremen

2. Apr. 2005 ... mit seinem Freund Andre Sagemann die Bremer Hooliganszene an. In diesen Kreisen gelingt es den beiden ausgezeichnet Nach- wuchs für ...

Hidden Behind the Wall: West German State Building and the ... - jstor

Wall as representative of the mostly rural border between East and West. Germany. ... Deutschland soll es sein," in Adenauer und die Folgen, e. 13 William ... 1956, "Das ganze Eichsfeld - ungeteilt" as cut and saved in the district archive i.

Redecorating the Fourth Wall: Environmental Theatre Today - jstor

The audience enters the theatre (a 40 x Ioo foot black-box space sub- divided into ... Director Eva Brenner decided that the Center needed to look at the work.