Site Management and Productivity in Tropical Plantation ... - CIFOR

Fessel, V.A.G. and Gava, J.L. 2000b. Reflexos ... crack (2–3 mm in width), few yellowish brown (10 yr 5/. 6), gradual ... 64.0 178.6 42.4 229.9 409.1 45.1. Site.

Site Management and Productivity in Tropical Plantation ... - CIFOR - Zugehörige Dokumente

Site Management and Productivity in Tropical Plantation ... - CIFOR

Fessel, V.A.G. and Gava, J.L. 2000b. Reflexos ... crack (2–3 mm in width), few yellowish brown (10 yr 5/. 6), gradual ... 64.0 178.6 42.4 229.9 409.1 45.1. Site.

Diseases of Tropical Acacias - Cifor

(2'47'N lOl”56'E) and Ulu Sedili Forest Reserve, Johor (1'14'N 103'12'E) (Fig. 8). ... disease were isolated in pure culture on potato dextrose agar (PDA) medium ...

Tropical forests and adaptation to climate change : in search ... - Cifor

23 Mar 2005 ... Climate change – Biodiversity and livelihood impacts. Hannah Reid and Saleemul Huq. 57. Using the sustainable livelihoods approach to ...

Site, technology and productivity of teak plantations in ... - FAO

It has become evident that harvesting from the natural forests cannot continue to meet the demand for teak wood, and the expected shortage has led to increased.

Site characterization of a tropical soil by in situ tests• Caracterización ...

Keywords: site characterization; tropical soils; CPT; SDMT; seismic tests. ... which has suffered intensive pedogenetic evolution is so- called lateritic soils. ... Characterization of a profile of residual soil from granite combining geological ...

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Dole Whip Regular Cone. 5.95. Dole Whip Regular Cup. 5.95. Dole Whip Cup w/ topping. 6.95. Waffle Cone. 6.95. Waffle Bowl. 9.95. Pineapple Split. 28.50.

Seed Dispersal Tropical Topics - Wet Tropics Management

dispensable fruit layer for their seed dispersal services. While the plant is ... Flying foxes are very important seed dispersers (as well ... Dutchman's pipe vine.

Tropical Garden, Volume 72, #3, 2017 - Fairchild Tropical Botanic ...

Researchers in the FIU Geographic Information Systems Center approached us with the idea, funding ... frequently used to make sambal, a spicy, pickled dish. We humans are not the only ... Finca Santa Lucia, Antigua. The parent tree was ...

APO Productivity Databook 2012 - Asian Productivity Organization

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) has contributed to the sustainable ... population filters the rich econo- mies to the top end; ... Leigh, Daniel, Pete Devries, Charles Freedman, Jaime Guajardo, Douglas Laxton, and Andrea Pesca-.

VIA Site Management Server

PIP (Picture-In-Picture) – A mode where a display from an external HDMI ... To apply new wallpaper, click Click Here to Upload. 3. ... is displayed as PIP on VIA.

site remediation and waste management program -

Frank DeFeo. 609-777-0772. Case. Assignment & Initial. Notice. Kirstin Pointin-Hahn. 609-292-2943. Enforcement &. Investigations. Anne Wolf. 609-633-1480.

Identity and Access Management - Chapters Site - IIA

What is GTAG? Prepared by The Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA), each Global Technology Audit Guide. (GTAG) is written in straightforward business ...

Engine Management Systems - Volkswagen Technical Site

Mono-Motronic engine management con- trols the following engine functions: • Fuel injection quantity. • Ignition timing. • Fuel tank ventilation. • Idle speed ...

Sustainable On-site Sewage Management in ... - MidCoast Council

Pathogen (vial die-off) modelling can be completed using a spreadsheet application of the method advocated by Cromer et al, (2001). MEDLI. MEDLI is a ...

Site Remediation and Waste Management Program's ... - State of NJ

12 Dec 2018 ... Judith Andrejko Esq., Regulatory Officer. Site Remediation ... Greg Neumann, NJDEP BEERA ... hot spot removal may be appropriate, or more.

'Flamingo Conservation and Ramsar Site Management at Lake ...

... who worked on the project in 2004 were Miss Amy Deacon and Debra. Bardowicks. Miss Bardowicks returned in 2005 under the auspices of the Brock.

Management Plan 2017 - 2022 Mid Wales Red Squirrel Focal Site

such as UPM Tilhill and Pryor and Rickett. manage a substantial area of conifer woodland in ... Bryn Moel have almost completely removed available habitat and ...

qusayr 'amra site management plan - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The Qusayr 'Amra Management Plan was developed by a joint Department of Antiquities - World Monuments ... Weimar: Verlag des Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs.

Tropical Garden Summer 2015 - Fairchild Tropical Garden

13 Nov 2015 ... Robert Morgan Educational Center with Dr. James Vaughn. The Fairchild Challenge. Global Competition. During the 2014-2015 school year, ...

HE RITA GE SITE S OFIR ELAN D Engl ish SITE ... - Heritage Ireland

Please consult website for current charges and opening times. Last admission to most sites is approximately one hour before closing.

Big Foot Art Site, Cania Gorge: Site report - UQ eSpace - University ...

CATHERINE WESTCOTT, IAN LILLEY, SEAN ULM, CHRIS CLARKSON AND. DEBORAH BRIAN ... Denis Dray and Neil Teague (Queensland. National Parks ...

Gender and Forests - CIFOR

en's relationship to men (e.g. husbands, partners, fathers, brothers) and their social ... Accessed on August 1, 2015. ... holders have heard about a leaked draft land law that was never discussed with the ... Non-governmental male members of the DLC and SDLC were usually informed.

Bulungan Ethnobiology Handbook - CIFOR

DUP iarib. 6,1 x. 2-P,4-O,3-Y. 4. MUP iaribnuod. 6,2,1 x. 4-M,4-P,3-O,2-Y. 5. SLA narumed. 6,2,1 x. 3-P,2-O,2-Y. 6. YDL marubir,naruber. 6,1 x. 2-Y , 2-M,3-P,3-O.

The palm oil global value chain - Cifor

Instead, the palm oil supply chain forms bottle-necks at the refining and ... (in press), the relationship between mills and FFB suppliers is to a ... Löffler H, Afiff SA, Burgers P, Govers C, Heeres HJ, Karyanto O, Robert M, Vel J and Zwaagstra.

Decentralization of forest administration in Indonesia - CIFOR

Banjir Kap, Log Flood. Bina Desa, Village Development/Village Guidance, a program should be carried out by timber companies relating to forest communities.

Commercialisation of non-timber forest products - CIFOR

Zimbabwe, and held in Hot Springs, Zimbabwe, Aug. 28 – Sept. ... Judith Rasoletti helped with a number of ... Neumann took the lead role in most of this process,.

Cisco Site-to-Site VPN Technologies Comparison

on five underlying VPN technologies: Dynamic Multipoint VPN. (DMVPN), Easy VPN, GRE tunneling, standard IP Security (IPsec), and the new Group Encrypted ...

AWS Site-to-Site VPN - Guía del usuario -

18 Dic 2018 ... Para utilizar Amazon VPC con una conexión de Site-to-Site VPN, usted o su administrador de red también deberán configurar la aplicación o el ...

Making the best of two worlds: rural and peri-urban ... - CIFOR

23 May 2003 ... Topic 2: Non-timber forest products (NTFPs), small-scale logging and rural livelihoods. Making the best of two worlds: rural and peri-urban ...

Lessons for REDD from measures to control illegal ... - CIFOR

Elena Petkova. Andrew Wardell. James Halperin. Lessons for REDD from measures to control illegal logging in Indonesia. Summary report. September 2011 ...

Preventing the risk of corruption in REDD in Indonesia - Cifor

17 Aug 2019 ... vi Ahmad Dermawan, Elena Petkova, Anna Sinaga, Mumu Muhajir and Yayan Indriatmoko. IPK. Ijin Pemanfaatan Kayu. Timber Use Permit.

Life after logging: reconciling wildlife conservation and ... - Cifor

14 Oct 2004 ... on which mammal species from different families occur. 136. Table 14. ... 'complete'. In contrast, the slashing treatment is applied on foot and no areas are ... provided to logging employees regarding this prohibition, and patrols should enforce ... Burghouts, T., G. Ernsting, G. Korthals, and T. de Vries. 1992.

Evidence-based Conservation Lessons from the Lower ... - CIFOR

25 Jan 1996 ... Mohd, S.H.O., Nga, D.T. and Huy, H.T. (2007) Opportunities for ... of basalt are at O'Som, Tatai Lieu, Russei Chrum, the lower Areng valley, and.

Payments for environmental services: some nuts and bolts - Cifor

7. How to pay? 15. 8. Pro-poor PES? 16. 8.1 Access to PES participation. 17. 8.2 Effect on ES sellers. 18 ... PES in the tropics probably faces two key obstacles.

National and international policies to control illegal forest ... - Cifor

advance SFM and reduce illegal logging also face the same complex challenges ... Earth Summit of 1992: the Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD), the ...