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Confirmed Speakers: Andrew Gross (Göttingen), Heike Schäfer (PH Karlsruhe) ... tim[email protected], [email protected]. 9.

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The Nightmare of Participation - open! | Platform for Art, Culture and ...


9 May 2011 ... Markus Miessen, The Nightmare of Participation (Crossbench Praxis as a. Mode of Criticality), New York / Berlin, Sternberg Press, 2010, ISBN.

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tant respects—the everyday practices of community making in online worlds provide an ... Digimon). Yu-Gi-Oh! is a media mix, that is, a product shaped by carefully ... and/or into a cultural space in which they no longer master the language. They ... lems of the scalability of production that the wiki enterprise was intended to.

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non-profit organisations, such as Istinomer in Serbia, Pagella Politica in Italy, and Full Fact in the UK (Graves and Cherubini 2016). Other initiatives, such as.

An Official American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society ...


1 May 2014 ... Rommel C, Bodine SC, Clarke BA, Rossman R, Nunez L, Stitt TN, ... Remels AH, Schrauwen P, Broekhuizen R, Willems J, Kersten S,.

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males as well as a large-male mating advantage. To determine if male-male ... decreased by 40-60%, while that of laboratory white mice increased by 20-30%.

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“Fan Fiction as an Argument: Arguing for Johnlock through the Roles of Women ... “Doc Savage: Pulp Fascist! and Other Tales (ongoing research tracing ... State University, [email protected]; Casey Hinkebein, Southeast Missouri State.

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follower growth apps (“free followers”, “Real Followers for Instagram”) or apps ... collages (“Photo Grid: Photo Collage Maker” or “InstaSquare Size Pic Collage”).

Introduction to Scandinavian Culture and Society (7,5 hp)


Arne Dahl, Misterioso/ The Blinded Man (Misterioso, 1999). Ola Johansson, "Kent's Sweden, or what a rock band can tell us about a nation", Fennia,. 2013 ...

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.com (DH) and 220 postings from www.worldsexguide.com (WSG) (con- sulted March and November 2003, respectively). The homepages are the portals to the ...

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In the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, diglossia has been an interesting linguistic inquiry since it was first discussed by. Ferguson in 1959. Since then, diglossia ...

German Football: History, Culture, Society


Aue (formerly Wismut Aue). 10 Chemnitzer FC is the ... The fanzine When Saturday Comes and the category of football literature traditionally associated with ...

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with Bollywood. The cinema industry in India seems to be overly Bollywood centric. ... The logic of the DTH industry seems to rise from the confidence in ... Sun Group and Big FM own 45 stations each while Radio Mirchi owns 32 stations184.

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What does the design on the taegeukgi, the Korean flag, symbolize? Technology & Inventions. • How did the S illa people advance printing technologies in ancient ...

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wrong place and at the wrong time) became the first philo ... Hahnenklee, to Bad Salzschlirf or-in the later years-to Freu ... Antonioni, Michelangelo, 1912- ,.

Water Culture in Roman Society - Brill


pipes (31.31), hot and medicinal springs (31.32), medicinal uses of sea water. (31.33–37), salt ... ited, see: Prayon 1990; Chellini 2002, 235; Dall'Aglio 2009, 72–94. ... In The Art of Ancient Spectacle, edited by Bettina Bergmann and Christine.

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DAPHNE CHRISTINE ESTELLE DAWSON ... up to this point) from examining men (Palastanga, 1988). ... in her certainty has drawn criticism (Gardner, 2012).

The French and the American culture: always the same stereotypes ...


The French and the. American culture: always the same stereotypes on both sides? Page 2. CONTENTS. • INTRODUCTON. • Collecte of information. • Gastronomy.

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Some Like it Hot 1959, The Spirit of St. Louis 1957, Witness ... Marilyn Monroe for the second time in Some Like it Hot). —"Some ... “prodigious stream of ideas.

Soccer, Culture and Society in Spain: An Ethnography of Basque ...


edited by Markwart herzog and fabian Brändle, stuttgart, verlag w. kohlhammer,. 2015, 423 pp., €29.90 (paperback), isBN 978-3-17-025580-7. For a number of ...

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... of early emerging social and educational inequalities in the context of socioeconomic, cultural and institutional processes. Head of Unit: Harald HARTUNG.



respective research interests the consolidation of American film culture in the silent era and ... the medium of television, Chris Hedges asserts that: The virtues that ... 14 The images Alvarez recycles and renders dynamic are noth- ing more nor ...

The Influence of Bruce Lee's Martial Art on The American Culture


Keywords: Bruce Lee, Martial art, Kung fu, Chinese culture, American culture, ... accomplice and Assistant Instructor of the Oakland Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute ...

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Leslie Fiedler has been for some years now one of the most lively ... named Minnie Temple and that the famous flapper in Faulkner's. Sanctuary is named ...

God as a Lobby (reviewing The Culture of Disbelief: How American ...


God as a Lobby. Kathleen M. ... Religion is "an alien way of knowing the world.., in a ... can be performed in isolation from political commitments. For example, in ...

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Neisser could still note that eidetic imagery—mental imagery of a qua- si-sensory ... Roland Deiser, Senior Fellow, Center for the Digital Future, Annen-.

Adult Manga: Culture and Power in Contemporary Japanese Society


four), takes a look at the movement against manga (chapter five), and closes with a discussion of the 1990s shift of the creative elements from artists to.

language, culture and society: a theoretical analysis of stuart hall's ...


ANALYSIS OF STUART HALL'S REPRESENTATION AND. SIGNIFYING PRACTICES. Mahmud Layan Hutasuhut. Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni. Universitas Negeri ...

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a speaker at the panel Modanisa: Monetizing creativity (The Muslim Lifestyle ... law.37 A survey conducted by the WZB Berlin Social Science Center among Euro ...

The Datafied Society Studying Culture through Data Edited by Mirko ...


Amsterdam University Press. Page 5. The publication of this book is made possible by a grant from Utrecht Data School and Open. Access Fund at Utrecht ...

Effects of Climate Change on Society, Culture and Gender Relevant ...


... (Fletcher et al. 2013, Charan et al. 2017,. Plotz et al. 2017). Traditional knowledge is not ... Research paper: Plotz RD, Chambers LE, Finn. C. (2017) The best ...

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relations between humans and other animals are configured in these online ... vegan and vegetarian women who are 'fighting the dark side of their sexuality' ... nightmarish treatment of non-human animals as 'things' today: managing what.

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The Journal of Society and Culture Association Inc. Culturescope Volume 103 February 2014. Song list: •. Waterfalls – TLC. •. God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols.

The Intersection of American Youth Culture and Superhero Narratives


resurgence of the superhero, led by Stan Lee and Marvel Comics. This era ushered ... In Batman #1, the Joker ruthlessly kills traditional male authority figures. ... as the Punisher and Daredevil proved popular largely because they reflected the.

American Popular Culture and its Response to the Beat ... - jstor


the pages of popular magazines and newspapers from 1957 to. 1960. The "Beat. Generation" first gained national attention in September of 1957. Scores of ar.

Football in the USA: American Culture and the World's Game Peter ...


Especially after the rise of television, American “gridiron” football has become the country's premier spectator sport, even though other sports such as basketball, ...