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This issue's classy cover, “Dragon Spell,” is the first evidence of the talent ... and samurai warriors, and the second DM ... powder); 1 pint of nixie blood (dehydrat-.

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A limited quantity of certain back issues of. DRAGON Magazine can be purchased from the. Dungeon Hobby Shop. (See the list of available issues printed ...

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Hell. Beelzebub discussed this with the other important devils — Ad- ramelech ... DMs used the high impact dice during the two weeks, and then sets of high impact dice ... or mobility for this, since they are better riders than humans are, and can ... decides that he wants to get out of the contract, there are steps he can take.

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Three new undead: one good, one evil, and one that's rather shocking. ... from an expert. 5 6 Novel Ideas — Rob King ... Under the overlord's command, the.

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4 Jun 1989 ... 2 2 The Dragon's Bestiary — The Readers. Not all new ... wielding lances and riding demon drakes, and later a group of shadow drakes set out to ... or objects composed of earth, stone, or crystal (see ... fully realize the blackness of their souls, ... stream. In her dreams she rode the worm again, and its torso.

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Knights of the Dinner Table . l . . . . . . . . . ... wyvern flies at a speed of 24, and the ... wyvern, and dragon can carry a num- ... 2432 Steiner Rd., Lakehurst, NJ 08733- ... days, elves ruled supreme in the for- est, and their culture reached its zenith.

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2 Feb 1985 ... DRAGON is a registered trademark for the monthly adventure playing aid published by TSR, Inc. All ... ures on page 74 of the Dungeon Masters Guide. ... 3.5 d6 .04. 9. 3.6 d6 .08. 12. 4.4 d8 .05. 14. 4.6 d8 .07. 15. 5.3 d10 .05.

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2 Jun 1988 ... Red dragons have no ecologies: They ravage them. 61 The Origins™ Awards ... until 6th level, that dart is a mage's only weapon of proficiency.

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Gamers' Guide . ... DRAGON Magazine can be purchased from the ... imen has survived, if the legends about it ... suicidal mania, or catatonia; see DMG). A.

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and change-of-address notices is: DRAGON® Magazine, 1801. Lind Avenue S.W. ... Therein lies a trove of ancient dwarven battle axes, all of them enchanted ...

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4 Nov 1989 ... (e.g., the AD&D® 2nd Edition Player's Handbook will probably ... setting using the AD&D 1st Edition rules, just as they ... Monster Manual II will get you started. Can gajin ... be a German mole who was supposed to locate the ...

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Use of the name of any product without mention of trademark status should ... One way is to generate each section ... alignment between drow and svirfneblin.

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cleric spells are included in this original set, but if we get enough ... And we might even throw in the new, official cleric spells from ... The dwarven point of view .

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1 Jul 1983 ... must be in advance, and should be sent to Dragon. Publishing, P.O. Box ... to submit to us, there are two things you should know: First ... list of the Dukes of Hell, as well as some are, in fact, actual pit ... hold dear, then come with me—I ride on the hells ... Nine Hells, and who (unless Geryon steps in to do this ...

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2 Dec 1987 ... 62 DECEMBER 1987 retractable landing gear cannot have skid mounts. Door: A common mount, this is simply a machine gun mounted on a ...

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World Gamers Guide. 94 Convention calendar. 99 Snarfquest. The forum ... DRAGON® Magazine (ISSN 0279-6848) is published monthly by TSR, Inc. The mailing address for all material except ... paign broke up a nest of Exterminators (a.

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per year by Dragon Publishing, a division of TSR ... Jack and all the other readers who spotted ... about hair, boots, and all between with the blood of enemies. ... vapor. They usually attack by spraying a fine, powdery substance at opponents.

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2 Aug 1995 ... Vol. XX, No. 3. August 1995. Publisher. TSR, Inc. Associate Publisher ... Sometimes a teleport is just a teleport, but sometimes . ... Veil (W6): Cloaks small vessels or hides arma- ... Hilary Bader, who is best known for script-.

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2 Aug 1985 ... In the center: SAGA OF OLD CITY Poster. Art by Clyde Caldwell, soon to be the cover of an exciting new novel. 4 5. THE CITY BEYOND THE ...

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of bladesingers and warriors' guilds who are dedicated to him. As for what the clergy wear during holy days, they gen-. Continued on page 25. DRAGON #236.

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Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, as per the above ... (as wind mage); ML 13; SZ M; MC13; S 14, ... legend of Iram (you are most likely to find ... castle construction, see DMGR2 The Castle. Guide.) The second fundamental concept behind.

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4 Nov 1990 ... elements leap to mind: the SHADOWRUN* game by ... He is also forbidden to use illusion ... earthed Arcana, pages 14-16: the ability to parry ...

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an official ruling on the illusionist spell phan- ... expended in casting spells comes from the ... Note that a psionic character or creature not expending psi-.

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acter class of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & ... him with despair. Rather ... cessary) for soda, and four study carrels. ... in the lair, which may be underground, in.

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your dungeon— and how to get it out, by incorporating a ventilation system into ... being made of activated charcoal and soda lime. They would be ... Do not despair. ... A Skyzorr'n lair is always in the form of a hive community from which the ...

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when I described not their dragon enemy but the scars he'd left in a stone ... inscriptions set down upon them burn with a silvery radiance. The Book ... petitioned soul is irrelevant, since this ability is ... to slash or stab foes with a bone “sword-.

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2 Nov 1987 ... Some Lake Geneva campaigns gift dragons with ultravision, since they can “see equally well in daylight or dark- ness” (Monster Manual, page ...

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2 Nov 1994 ... (C10/#31) has a box built into the bedfra- me that is ... Brian the Swordmaster); these swords were sized like short ... Write to: SAGA 3, 800 Sena Dr., Metairie LA. 70005. ... The man stared down at the twin red trails in the water.

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pearance this month with his article on Armor of the Far East, and we have another of his ... “best,” that is, most commonly asked or confusing questions and their answers for us to ... that subsist barely above a Stone Age level, shrinking the heads of their enemies ... part of the inquisition and he is saving the orc's soul. This.

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The quest for the Coconut of Quendor leads you far Beyond Zork. ... DRAGON® Magazine (ISSN 0279-6848) is published monthly by TSR, Inc. The mailing address for all material except ... The game was developed by Gamestar, one.

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Encounter checks and the Psychic Wind . ... ADVANCED D&D, and TOP SECRET are registered trademarks owned by TSR Hobbies, ... have a calculator handy.

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2 Dec 1986 ... DRAGON Magazine is available at hobby stores and bookstores throughout the. United States and ... through city government park districts and city really think it's fair ... One note for all who find such gems: there is no known ...

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DRAGON Magazine can be purchased from the. Dungeon Hobby ... facets of gems,” a chronicle of the valuable ... Exotic cities in faraway countries are always.

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How Heavy Is My Giant — Common-sense physics for D&D. . . . . . 5. THE DRAGON's Observance of April Fool's Day —. Silly Songs for D&D 'ers ala MAD ...

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inland castles (such as Ider Bolis, The Invisible School of Thaumaturgy,. Pennol-on-the-Lake, or Adeese). 4. Inland Ports. This rule modifies the last paragraph of ...

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4 Dec 1989 ... Dungeon Master's Guide, pages 151 and ... could also taste for soda (nitrium), alum, vitriol, sulfur ... The Joker figure captures the essence of.

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10. Black Holes!— James Hopkins ............................ 11. REVIEWS. Gangster— Kenneth Burke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50. Titan Strike— Van Norton .