Orpheus and Eurydice: Some Modern Versions - jstor

ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE: SOME MODERN VERSIONS 309 comic, analogous and scandalous levels in this modern treatment of the Or- pheus myth.

Orpheus and Eurydice: Some Modern Versions - jstor - Zugehörige Dokumente

Orpheus and Eurydice: Some Modern Versions - jstor


ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE: SOME MODERN VERSIONS 309 comic, analogous and scandalous levels in this modern treatment of the Or- pheus myth.

Orpheus and Eurydice. In V. Zajko, & H. Hoyle - Explore Bristol ...


Eurydice and Orpheus in death, paradoxically restoring harmony to the world through ... Myrrha, and Adonis, there is something comic about the situation, just as ...

Tracing Eurydice: Adaptation and Narrative Structure in the Orpheus ...


I have: the Orpheus myth from Ovid's Metamorphoses, The Song of Orpheus from Neil. Gaiman's comic book series Sandman, and Terry Cavanagh's video ...

BEACH SHELTER III / IV are the modern versions of the ...


versions of the conventional beach ... BEACH SHELTER III / IV sind moderne ... JACK. WOLFSKIN will not assume any liability for damage caused by ultraviolet ...

Orpheus and the Neoclassic Vision of Opera - jstor


"Che faro senza Euridice?", the second and last aria for Orpheus, brings him again on top of his feelings, comprehending them, refining them, projecting them in ...

The Two Versions of Mozart's Divertimento K. 113 - jstor


MOZART'S DIVERTIMENTO K. 113 survives in two autograph sources - a full score for two clarinets, two horns and strings and a wind score for pairs of oboes, ...

Anti-Orpheus: Narrating the Dream Brother - jstor


Jeff Buckley seemingly resisted entrapment by the 'Oedipal' myths of family, ... tender performances on the Grace CD, however, 'Hallelujah' and 'Corpus Christi ... translation of Virgil's Georgics, about reflection on Orpheus's demise: 'death is ...

Bisexual Orpheus: Pederasty and Parody in Ovid - jstor


Bowra, "Orpheus and Eurydice," CQ (1952) 113-24, who posits a literary ... in Vergil" CJ 88 (1992) appreciates the comic effect of Ovid's deer but does not.

Lilies and Violence: Lavinia's Blush in the Song of Orpheus - jstor


On the contrast between Lavinia's blush and her otherwise colorless ... Amazons are, in any case, sexy: Camilla's ... Reynolds and Wilson 1968, 26 note the.

Orpheus in Berlin: A Reappraisal of Johann Georg Sulzer's ... - jstor


Charles Burney, who visited Sulzer in Berlin, rendered the term "polite ... German authors, but not Sulzer, often used the term Politur, polish (from Latin politura).

Eros and Psyche: Some Versions of Romantic Love and ... - jstor


gave the title of "Cupid and Psyche" to a story about a love and passion that moves ... From Jacob Bryant,A New System, or, An Analysis of Ancient Myt. 2:392 ...

film versions of both novels, all of which deal with similar ... - Jstor


22 Jun 2019 ... Heavy Metal, l'autre Métal Hurlant [Heavy Metal, the Other Métal ... Métal Hurlant was a French sf comic magazine created in January 1975.

Jack London's Symbolic Wilderness: Four Versions - jstor


IN A RECENT article' Gordon Mills has indicated "the symbolic wilderness" as a motif that ... department at Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan. ... alone with God.2. The northern wilderness is, in one sense, a "wasteland," as Mills calls it; yet it is ...

Prokofiev's Two Versions of His Fifth Piano Sonata: Facsimile ... - jstor


Prokofiev tried in vain to win the hearts of the Parisians. Stravinsky dominated the musical climate: 'Paris is adamant: Stravinsky, Stravinsky, Stravinsky! No wonder.

Innovation and Repetition: Between Modern and Post-Modern ... - jstor


the "serial" production was considered as alien to the artistic invention. ... characteristics of Nero Wolfe and his partners because it is important to ascertain how ...

“Es war (noch) einmal”: Grimm Versions of New Fairy Tales in ... - jstor


“Es war (noch) einmal”: Grimm Versions of New Fairy. Tales in the GDR. Melissa Sheedy and Brandy E Wilcox. University of California – Santa Barbara ...

Graphically Speaking: Manga Versions of "The Tale of Genji" - jstor


like.4 Often people apply both sets of descriptors: for example, Naruto, a current ... of the latter have appeared to date, roughly covering volumes 1 through 3 of ... "Battle of Spring and Autumn" was "a traditional poetry game where spring and.

Galland's "Ali Baba" and Other Arabic Versions - jstor


Antoine Galland, published 1704-12, differs from its Arabic source text, and the translation by Joseph Charles Mardrus, published 1899-1904, differs both.

The Two Versions of JS Bach's "A~minor Invention, BWV 784" - jstor


A-minor Invention, BWV 784. DAVID NEUMEYER. All but one of Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias appear in the Klavierbuechlein vor Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, ...

Eurydice - South Coast Repertory


spins the thread of life, Lachesis determines the length of the thread and Atropos cuts the thread in death. • The Red String of Fate: In Chinese and Japanese.

Sarah Ruhl gives Eurydice the death blow


3 Oct 2006 ... Orpheus; Mark Zeisler makes much of his two sinister comic roles; and Carla Harting, Ramiz Monsef and. Gian-Murray Gianino delight as a ...

Attunement in the Modern Age - jstor


7 Apr 2009 ... objectifying act is the underlying mental ac because after ... For the unity of feeling that colors all that app interesting ... (A. J. Steinbock, Trans.).

Wie modern war der Nationalsozialismus? - jstor


schaft einen realen, durch Hitler und den Nationalsozialismus ausgelösten „Stoß in die Mo- dernität", der ein ... reits im 25-Punkte-Programm der NSD.

The Modern Short Story - jstor


might have composed a legitimate short story; as it is the result is a miniature novel, which has all the characteristics of the novel except its length and none of ...

lace as a modern industry - jstor


last ten years in the section of lace de- sign. The gold medallist of 1904 was Miss. Delves -Broughton, a student of Battersea. Polytechnic, and her successful ...

Refugees: The Modern Political Condition - jstor


friends. Hannah Arendt. "We Refugees" (1943). Having promised during his campaign for the presidency ...

Why Nobody Knows - Family and Society in Modern Japan - jstor


While the relationship of Nobody Knows to Ozu is less explicit, a debt to the older director is nevertheless apparent both in the style and themes of the film.

bs mardhekar, a modern marathi poet - jstor


is a Lucifer fallen from heaven and to other a new language. Born in 1909 Bal Mardhekar was educated. College, Poona. In 1928 he graduated with h and ...

from barber-surgeon to modern doctor - jstor


medieval pedant, but the humble, apprentice-trained barber-surgeon, a craftsman and member of ... The Kiel surgeon Alfred Wilhelm Anschutz (1870-19 - ) was the son-in-law of the famous ... (M.D. 1857). The king's body physician François of.

Using Modern Channels of Communication: Magazines - jstor


Objectives for Magazine Study. The study of magazines in school should be guided by a number of clear objectives. Mere reading of magazines at home or in ...

The Old Masters in the Louvre, and Modern Art. (Concluded.) - jstor


IE* I AKTOS. . Thoseinstruments have been for thirty years bet?re the piiblic, in competition with other instruments of first. ^lass paakera. They have, throughout ...

'Keep Your Distance' Aby Warburg on Myth and Modern Art - jstor


... B6cklin deflected his critics' arrows with 'the divine breath of your myth-making power' (dem ... Blitzableiter und Hermes gegen den Cridit. Mobilier? ... was able to penetrate into something very old and wild lurking in the depths of the modern ...

The 'New Old School': Furnishing with Antiques in the Modern ... - jstor


From its very inception, the distinctive studio-house of Lord Frederic Leighton ... for their age and historical associations than for any aesthetic merit'.18 Using the ...

the use of the particle было in modern russian - jstor


(81) CTan 6buio oh (<î)paHuy3) cbohm cjioBaM y^HTb MeHH, «a MaTb. 3anpeTHJia. ... Forsyth's translation - "Dampfer was just going to sit down..." - accords.

Being Modern: The Circulation of Oriental Objects - jstor


Cecil B. DeMille, The Cheat, not to simply revisit the sensational figure of the ... spite the Meiji Empire's attempts to show itself to the world as a modernizing,.

Bibliography of Modern African Religious Movements ... - jstor


meinschaft, in D. Ohnemus, H.-J. Becken, and P. Didszun. (eds.), Pro Unitate: ... religious change in Ghana (Ewe examples), Ghana Journal of Sociology ...