A Jamaican Marriage Pattern - CUNY Academic Works

daily companionship in marriage is not as essential a Jamaican cultural value as ... upstanding married women insist on the proper pronunciation of “mistress”.

A Jamaican Marriage Pattern - CUNY Academic Works - Zugehörige Dokumente

A Jamaican Marriage Pattern - CUNY Academic Works


daily companionship in marriage is not as essential a Jamaican cultural value as ... upstanding married women insist on the proper pronunciation of “mistress”.

BDSM - CUNY Academic Works


Negotiating limits: Boundary management in the Bondage/Discipline/Sadomasochism. (BDSM) community by. Karen Holt. Dissertation Chair: David Brotherton, ...

We Refugees, Again - CUNY Academic Works


Hannah Arendt's 1943 article “We Refugees” shows a grim historical view of how modern sovereignty produces stateless populations. In the United States, ...

Alice through the Looking Glass - CUNY Academic Works


Schanoes, Veronica, "Queen Alice and the Monstrous Child: Alice through the ... “Originally: a mythical creature which is part animal and part human, or combines ... fantasy that sacrifices children's humanity in order to have them stand for an ...

Flamenco Guitar - CUNY Academic Works


"Flamenco Guitar: History, Style, and Context," in The Cambridge Companion to the Guitar, ... chords - and especially the "dominant"-function chords - ur. .rr.

Dance in the Museum - CUNY Academic Works


27 Apr 2015 ... Claire Bishop, 'The Perils and Possibilities of Dance in the Museum: Tate, ... lummminnnatttionnnsssss!!!!!!! in April 2014, the Manhattan skyline seemed to ... Alex Poots was hired to orchestrate the more populist end of this ...

Cologne Carnival's - CUNY Academic Works


In the 1820s, Carnival in Cologne, Germany, underwent a series of reforms, ostensibly to ... http://www.ksta.de/jks/artikel.jsp?id=1097486265585; and “Rosa Sitzung abgesagt,” Kölner ... “Poller Negerköpp” (literally The Nigger Corps of Poll).

Domestic Cat Ethology - CUNY Academic Works


7 Aug 2017 ... 18,783,479 Dubstep Cat ... 7,448,030. Nyan Cat (Alex S. Dubstep. Remix) ... Ylvis. Parody) https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=xPMPvAPiy3g A.

Between the Living and the Dead - CUNY Academic Works


dead because there are no ghosts in the sense of chain-rattling, spectral apparitions of the sort. Rufus is most ... The house was dust, like Rufus” (262). ... were drawn in flat dark lines on fine light sand, converging in the middle of witchery's.

Max Kowalski's <i>Japanischer Frühling</i> - CUNY Academic Works


Max Kowalski's Japanischer Frühling: A Song Collection from the Period of the Jewish Cultural Alliance in Nazi Germany by. Nils Neubert. This manuscript has ...

Mussolini's Dream Factory - CUNY Academic Works


Italy examines how the Italian movie industry created their own star system as a ... Risi's Telfoni bianchi (1976) and Tinto Brass's Senso '45 (2002), Marco.

Planetary Improvement: Discourses and ... - CUNY Academic Works


Each of these champions becomes a vehicle for imagining an agent capable of ... With a press of the clicker, dollar signs fill the image, overlaid on top of the ...

Blogging Through Motherhood - CUNY Academic Works - The City ...


25 Apr 2014 ... throughout graduate school, New York City, and motherhood. ... “MILF” (mother I'd like to fuck) draws out the argument that technology scaffolds ... I witnessed this niche of the mommy blog world boom—exposing the secret of.

Webcam Child Sex Abuse - CUNY Academic Works


31 Dec 2015 ... hoped to become a sex tourist and visit a young girl in the Philippines before her teens and ... “Maybe yes, maybe when she is 14 yrs old u can fuck her,” the woman responded. ... hard to monitor people's online activities.

Comparing Hitler and Stalin - CUNY Academic Works


iii. This manuscript has been read and accepted for the. Graduate Faculty in Liberal Studies in satisfaction of the ... theaters, homes, online and on DVDs, and second, can be enjoyed by anyone: ... German ambassador to the Soviet Union, Count von der Schulenburg, wrote, ... suffering (HiC, film – online). ... Billy Wilder.

scarecrone melissa broder - CUNY Academic Works


For more information, please contact [email protected] Recommended Citation. Broder, Melissa, "SCARECRONE" (2013). CUNY Academic Works.

Exploring Noise and Pop with Cienfuegos - CUNY Academic Works


16 Dec 2016 ... “The Hills,” by The Weeknd, is an ode to being so famous and on so ... just like the lyrics of songs played at a high school graduations, sees the ...

Domestic Cat Ethology - CUNY Academic Works - The City ...


7 Aug 2017 ... promising data source for research into cat behavior. They are particularly of ... 121,284,067 Nyan Cat ... 8,990,629. Nora The Piano Cat: The.

Critical Paradigm Theory - CUNY Academic Works


within CDA, an important concept for critical paradigm theory. ... points to the internal discourse of the elite, suggesting that “deep down, most members of the ... of industry and the harbinger of the deplorable working conditions to come.

Madison Vanguard: A Novel - CUNY Academic Works - The City ...


For instance the movies Joy and The Big Short, the only two movies out of 144 that features a capitalistic centered theme, earned a combined 0.7 percent of the ...

Electronic Document Delivery - CUNY Academic Works


TWAIN-compliant scanner may be used and a range of electronic delivery options may be employed: Ariel ... with their scanners (Ricoh Aficio IS330DC and HP Scanjet 8290). After locating a print ... HP Scanjet 8250. HP Scanjet 8270 (2).

Contemporary Archaeological Looting: A ... - CUNY Academic Works


11 Jan 2018 ... tomb raider indicates , it is possible that a tomb robbed by his gang had ... However, Carlo, the archaeologist who became a guide in the ... The literature provides a trove of accounts on how to prepare for a digging expedition.

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Hero's ... - CUNY Academic Works


In Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, the hero of the story embarks on an ... ment for librarians to apply to a single class periodically, and overall can help them ... Isabel. Clarke (Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), 227–238; ...

Black Models Matter - CUNY Academic Works


24 May 2016 ... This Thesis is brought to you by CUNY Academic Works. It has been accepted for inclusion in All Dissertations, Theses, and Capstone Projects ...

Sunken II Chords and Inwardness: A ... - CUNY Academic Works


I love you both. This dissertation is dedicated to my grandmother, Dorothy Martin. Thank you, grandma Dot, for nurturing my love of music.

The Chôra of Dionisy's Wall-Painting - CUNY Academic Works


1 Mar 2020 ... The bottom-tier on the perimeter of the interior is filled with the 'sacred ... 122 Nadine Schibile, “Astronomical and Optical Principles in the ...

Braque and Picasso in the Dark Years: A ... - CUNY Academic Works


12 Aug 2018 ... of the town of Guernica served as a catalyst and Picasso quickly ... 7) faux bois, wallpaper, and other patterned materials compete with the.

The Bauhaus Wall Painting Workshop - CUNY Academic Works


Peter Drömmer, Werner Lange and Karl Peter Röhl, Painting in Studio of Werner. Lange ... By my calculations the female student is plausibly Lena Wulff or Dörte.

Robert Morris, Minimalism, and the 1960s - CUNY Academic Works


For a detailed description of this aspect of Joey's case, see Bruno Bettleheim, The Emotv ... "happenings" of Allan Kaprow or Claes Oldenburg, were much more.

Media Revisions of Incestuous Relationships - CUNY Academic Works


legal censorship of incest that only discusses harm. Even though we can imagine stories of genuine care and compassion, our novels, films, and television ...

Features of Doggo Meme Language - CUNY Academic Works


This Thesis is brought to you by CUNY Academic Works. ... Many hypotheses exist to explain why the word doggo was created and used for these memes. ... "Pupper is ready for 2018... oh heck" (Floof Bork Snoot 'N' Boop Ltd., "Pupper is ready") ... A mistake commonly seen in fast-typed text is the accidental capitalization of ...

Roman Tragedy and Medicine - CUNY Academic Works - The City ...


Qui comitiali vitio solent corripi iam adventare valetudinem intellegunt, si calor summa deservit et incertum lumen nervorumque trepidatio est, si memoria.

Contemporary Music for Political Discourse - CUNY Academic Works


Burkhardt and playwright Kristen Kosmas. ... encountered the musics of Georges Aperghis, Mark Enslin, Rick Burkhardt, and, slightly ... Henze, Hans Werner.

Ich fürchte mich so vor der Menschen Wort - CUNY Academic Works


English translation of Rilke's poem "Ich fürchte mich so vor der Menschen Wort". Daniel S. Shabasson. CUNY Graduate Center. Follow this and additional works ...

Young-Adult Gay Literature - CUNY Academic Works - The City ...


10 Oct 2012 ... Romeo and Juliet, as a way of letting the nuns know he is gay. "Some literary critics and actors interpret Mercutio's hostility toward women and ...

Senecan Tragedy and Virgil's Aeneid - CUNY Academic Works


requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The City University of New York ... Aeneas' destiny he now comes to the fulfillment; secondly because the account of battles is in ... venerat insano Cassandrae incensus amore ... my doom!).262 Here Ovid's Dido rereads the stormy marriage scene of Dido and Aeneas in.