Wives and mistresses in eighteenth-century Scotland

But was the line between wife and mistress really as strictly demarcated as all that? In Scotland (as in England up to Hardwicke's Act of. 1753) marriage was based ...

Wives and mistresses in eighteenth-century Scotland - Zugehörige Dokumente

Wives and mistresses in eighteenth-century Scotland


But was the line between wife and mistress really as strictly demarcated as all that? In Scotland (as in England up to Hardwicke's Act of. 1753) marriage was based ...

Domestic Medicine in Eighteenth Century Scotland - Edinburgh ...


many traditional herbal recipes were discarded by the orthodox medical men, some of ... (2) Guthrie, D.J. Plants as Remedies; the debt of Medicine to. Botany. Trans. Bot. ... relates Bachstrom•s tale of a castaway who, washed up on the coast,.

The Rise of Sex in the Eighteenth Century - jstor


teenth century—antecedents of the men's and women's clubs a hundred years later ... Figure 4 Frontispiece from the 1750 edition of Onania, first published ca.

The Age of Enlightenment: The Eighteenth-Century Philosophers


14 Aug 2017 ... ... on Isaiah Berlin visit. ‹http://berlin.wolf.ox.ac.uk/› ... beginning with Galileo and ending with, say, the death of Hobbes, and including ... to spice it; the cover design shows a figure vaguely resembling Voltaire, and at the back ...

A History of the Baltimore Stage in the Eighteenth Century.


13 Aug 2019 ... But never were the Passions of an Audience stronger moved, than in the. Paring-Scene ... Company of Comedians carro from Baltimore's French-Town and performed two evening's ... Total receipts— <f95 15s. March 22.



Lorrain and Salvator osa onR English Taste 1700-1800. By Elizabeth Wheeler Manwaring. Wellesley Semi centennial Series. Oxford University Press, American.

Man and Orangutan in Eighteenth-Century Thinking - jstor


mie Compared with that of a Monkey, an Ape, and a Man. This title is con- ... man differs from other animals ("Erster Abschnitt: Von dem Unterschied zwischen ...

The Serenata in Eighteenth-Century Venice - jstor


cycle also had a common librettist and composer (these were Francesco Maria Piccioli and. Domenico Freschi ... Animosi, meeting at the house of Giovanni Carlo Grimani, around 1700 {Catalogue nos. 28-30, 33 ... Porno d'oro (II) 13. Preludio ...

Eighteenth-Century Warfare Reconsidered - jstor


Frederick survived the Seven Years' War by waging decisive war or a war of attrition ... There were decisive battles, campaigns and wars; and they were the.

Redefining Sex in Eighteenth-Century England* by Tim Hitchcock


ture, in particular, Onania and Tissot's Onanism, and the equally popular ... of Madam Van der Tasse, on the Long Bridge": a Homosocial University Club in Early.

Princeton College during the eighteenth century - Squarespace

https://static1.squarespace.com/static/590be125ff7c502a07752a5b/t/5a471bba71c10bd7b3035bc9/1514609626450/Alexander, Samuel Davies, Princeton College During the Eighteenth Century.pdf

... upon Mr. Alex- ander. Dr. Alexander was a man of small stature, and quite ... questing their concurrence, was lately burned by the stu- dents of this place in the ...

Declarations of Independency in Eighteenth-Century American ...


Declaring the Self in the Social Sphere: Dr. Alexander. Hamilton and ... Spiritual questing thus provides a sanctioned opportunity to exercise change, and the ...

The Architects of Eighteenth Century English Freemasonry, 1720 ...


Bath in their regalia.226 Highmore, a Member of the Swan at Greenwich and later ... 114 Possibly Peregrine Bertie (1686-1742), 2nd Duke of Ancaster and ...

walking, rambling, and promenading in eighteenth- century ... - Core


unwary pedestrian from walking sticks, mud, umbrellas, and crowded pavements. ... nothing is more quick than the effects of hearing and seeing, yet they don't ... Gules explains that he would rather 'starve like a Man of Honour, than do.

Title Rembrandt in Kassel: The Relativity of Eighteenth-Century ...


Wilhelm VIII (1682–1760), Landgrave of Hessen-Kassel, can be put forward here as an example of ... On the other hand, a life-size standing female nude that is ...

The Jolly Jack Tar and Eighteenth-Century British Masculinity


Jack Tar was multifaceted, often displaying competing ideas of British masculinity: although some versions of this character stressed sailors' propensity for ...

Communicative Identity in the Eighteenth Century. Johann Wilhelm ...


german enlightenment figure Johann Wilhelm ludwig gleim (1719–1803), i will argue that ... the cultural historian Michael Maurer asserts, the writing and reading.

The Cult of Womanhood in Eighteenth-Century Thought - jstor


Walter W. Skeat (New York, 1929), p. 324;. Martin Luther, "The Estate of ... 8 Ilza Veith, Hysteria: The History of a Disease (Chicago, 1965); Vern Bullough,.

The Aesthetics of Curiosity and Elite Lifestyle in Eighteenth-Century ...


Collections Curieuses: The Aesthetics of Curiosity and Elite Lifestyle in Eighteenth-Century Paris. Bettina Dietz & Thomas Nutz. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität ...

The Rise and Demise of the Hoop Petticoat in the Eighteenth Century


Engel, Charlotte, "Jumping through Hoops: The Rise and Demise of the Hoop Petticoat in the Eighteenth Century" (2019). Undergraduate Honors Theses.

Sex work and ingestion in eighteenth-century ... - Durham e-Theses


5 See, for instance, Kathryn Norberg, 'The Libertine Whore: Prostitution in French ... are important locations for escorts and clients, or for (appropriately named).

Entertainment in the Parisian Fairs in the Eighteenth Century - jstor


For the location and a perspective of the fairs, see Louis Bretez, Plan de Turgot (Paris, ... Anna Cradock, was astonished in 1784 to see "ladies of society" at.

a group of early eighteenth-century 'augsburg' mirrors - jstor


German city of Augsburg which had a long tradition of goldsmith's work and cabinet making. In fact ... die. Goldschmid. Ramen, Wandleuchter, Guéridons, Tisc.

Simankov. Final - E-Journal of Eighteenth-Century Russian Studies


Перевод с немецкого [Федора. Протопопова] (Москва: В Унив. Тип., у Хр. Клаудия, 1801). Сведения о том, что эту книгу “переводил с немецкого Сенатский ...

A Case Study of Female Child Murderers in the Eighteenth Century


professor of law, Hellmuth von Weber,1 scholars such as Arne Jansson, Kathy Stu- ... tillige med nogle efterretninger, som løber ind i samme materie om de ...

Sense and Sensibility in Eighteenth-Century Musical Thought - jstor


Feeling, empfindsamer Stil, Affektenlehre. Historians of philosophy find the beginnings of modem aesthetics in the recognition of the senses and feelings in the.

Migrating Mozart, or Life as a Substitute Aria in the Eighteenth Century


two ensembles, Storace also sang her old Figaro aria “Deh vieni non tardar” and “Batti, batti bel Masetto” from Don Giovanni.12. The Figaro aria was not ...

The Social Practice of Taste in Late Eighteenth-Century ... - jstor


the topic (The Rule of Taste),2 and Terry Eagleton ... century and its own debate on taste, Eagleton has ... essay was illustrated by twelve engravings (one for ... Bourgeois Emancipation to Sexual Liberation (Berg, Oxford/Hamburg/New.

The Case of a Witch Family in an Eighteenth-Century Volhynian Town


popular stories and fairytales about daughters and sons of witches and sor- cerers. In stories about witches two specific kinds of witches – natural-born. (rodyma ...

Shop Design and the Display of Goods in Eighteenth-Century ... - jstor


Claire Walsh. Shop Design and the Display of Goods in. Eighteenth-Century London. Introduction. This article investigates the design of shop interiors in London ...

imperial lessons from athens and sparta: eighteenth-century ... - jstor


empire, it was Athens, not Sparta that came to the fore as a model for the Brit ... hack-writer.13 Goldsmith's history was ove ... cided with the age of Solon. Having ...

The Rise of the Tenor Voice in the Late Eighteenth Century: Mozartâ ...


3 Oct 2014 ... “Un'aura amorosa” from Così fan tutte, K. 588. “Ah! Lo veggio ... http://imslp.org/wiki/Iphig%C3%A9nie_en_Tauride%2C_Wq.46_%28Gluck% ...

Mobile Objects: The Space of Shells in Eighteenth-Century ... - jstor


Email: [email protected]. Research for this essay was made possible by a grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in the context of ...