The Principles of Bantu Marriage - jstor

respectable marriage.6 In Kongo the guilty boy is fined and, as at his ... Actually she is mistress of the home to a far greater extent than t husband is the master.4 ...

The Principles of Bantu Marriage - jstor - Zugehörige Dokumente

The Principles of Bantu Marriage - jstor

respectable marriage.6 In Kongo the guilty boy is fined and, as at his ... Actually she is mistress of the home to a far greater extent than t husband is the master.4 ...

Marriage Rituals and Marriage Chests in Quattrocento Florence - jstor

Nannina re- ceived gifts ranging from a pair ... Nannina de' Medici's donora included "1 paio di ... schen Renaissance, 2nd ed., Stuttgart 1928, p. xxi. Most of the.

Die Haustiere der Bantu - jstor

Bricht irgendwo im Lande eine Viehseuche aus, die zur Ver nichtung einer solchen Teilherde führt, ... British East Afr'ca. J. A. I., 32. Bd., 1902. 240. — British ...

marriage in tonga - jstor

Again she is undressed, and clothed afresh in raiment given by the husband. The clothing taken from her on this second occasion is for the bride's people.

Does Marriage Matter? - jstor

I would like to acknowledge the generous assistance of Kermit Daniel, Kara Joyner, Lee Lillard, Stan Panis,. Joyce Peterson, Becky Sandefur, and James Smith.

Patterns of Roman Marriage - jstor

her fourth husband, the Emperor Claudius, was her HSHdH through. Ahenobarbus. An example of this marriage pattern also occurs outside the imperial family ...

Gyp and Flammarion: A Marriage of Love or Convenience? - jstor

When Gyp was unloaded onto Flammarion in 1898, then, her value was equivocal. A highly bankable author, as well as a noted member of le Tout-. Paris, she ...

blount county marriage bonds - jstor

used the language - "Bound unto His Excellency William Blount,. Governor" in the printed form. ... Bogle, Samuel Nelly Williams Sept. 14, 1797 James Upton.

The Marriage Covenant Is at the Foundation of All Our Rights - jstor

Gilmore, Jacquelyn Hall, Dirk Hartog, Nancy Hewitt, Tera Hunter, Bob ... er, irrepressible brawler, and shameless womanizer, Isham may have em- bellished an ...

Should a Feminist Choose A Marriage-Like Relationship? - jstor

I. The Issue. In traditional male dominated western society, women's sexuality ... (c) A committed, day to day relationship can lead to "freedom to be oneself," to ...

The Marriage of Edward III and the Transmission of French ... - jstor

defined the relationship of the duchy and the French crown: English king was ... France by Isabella, Queen of England, and with the transmission to. England of ... in scale to those mounted during Isabella's period as ambassador. It also forms ...

natural tales of marriage and sex in contemporary Chinese marriage ...

Doing it by the book: natural tales of marriage and sex in contemporary. Chinese marriage manuals. Joanna McMillan*. London, UK. This paper examines the ...

The Politics of Marriage Among Non-Catholic European Royalty - jstor

"Ansbach"). Royal persons are generally identified by the ter- ritorial name of their family of origin. Women con- tinue to be identified by their paternal territorial.

Early Marriage, Age of Menarche, and Female Schooling ... - jstor

shirts and trousers, and to cover her head and breast with a veil (Begum. 2003). ... fact that late bloomers are no worse off in terms of observable spousal.

Documents of a Crumbling Marriage: The Case of Cicero and ... - jstor

Publilia in late 47 or early 46 B.C. (at a time when Cicero's political career at an impasse) has ... marriage, and consequently, of divorce, was so vastly different from the modern.18. The system of ... before the last note to Terentia) to April 46 (Att. 12.5). About the ... Millar and Rogers (1988: 96, n. ... Stuttgart = RE 7.A.1 (1939).

Different Equals Less: Female Sexuality in Recent Marriage ... - jstor

tion" in sex is advocated, the male continues to be the dominant partner. Radical ... male's orgasmic potential.4 ... male capacity for multiple orgasm, but al-.

mother julian of norwich two kinds of marriage - jstor

Ephesians 5.22-33 gives the full implication of ... their marriage-vows to build a joint life in which each will lay ... of our refuge, which is his riven heart (Cap. 24).

'Eunuchi conjugium': The Marriage of a Castrato in Early ... - jstor

dangerous creature with uncontrollable carnal desires threatened ... 64: 'So denn das Conjugium bestehet/ wenn nur ein fnis ist/ nemlich das mutuum.

Marriage, Identity, and the Tale of Mestra in the Hesiodic ... - jstor

I focus here on the story. Mestra (daughter of Erysichth6n, also called Aithon) in the Hesiod. Catalogue of Women. With the exception of three lines (41-43) that.

Ritual Life of the Igorots of Sagada: Courtship and Marriage - jstor

nan agida sat mensapo ay mangwani: "Wada et si Lomawig id tag-ey. Nakigtek isnan ipogaw dat menpabbey. Tino-odna nan bebena. Indegnakna nan lokod ya.

A Yoruba Tale of Marriage, Magic, Misogyny and Love - jstor

husband. So, shortly afterwards he got up and excused himself, saying that he had ... dream vision of 1993, Dele had nurtured fears that one day Felicia.

Some Illanun and Bajau Marriage Customs in the Kota Belud ... - jstor

Eventually all are summoned to the house and the elder in charge of the financial arrangements reviews the amount of dowry paid and hands over the groom's ...

Ritual Gendered Relationships: Kinship, Marriage, Mastery ... - jstor

kultrun, and rewe, and in the spirit horse and sheep with whom she exchanged breath and blood. ... Malibu, CA: Undena Publications. Pollock, Don. 1996.

The Poet as Wife: Sylvia Plath's Marriage Poems - jstor

mother that she "managed a poem a day before breakfast* (LH 466). Many of these poems are about marriage, as if before Plath's new artistic and personal life ...

The Role of Self-Definitional Principles in Consumer ... - jstor

brand prestige and distinctiveness; brand coherence is also a powerful antecedent of ... Brand attitude (BAT). Purchase intention (PIN). Item csrl csr2 csr3 csr4 bcol bco2 bco3 bprl bpr2 bpr3 bdil ... pinl The next time I need to buy any toiletry and cosmetic product, I will ... from European Car Clubs', Journal of Marketing 69(3),.

The Principles of Semantics by Stephen Ullmann - jstor

Before outlining a program of semantics, Ullmann attempts to map out the ... 2 H. Werner and E. Lagercrantz, Experimentelle Studien iiber die Struktur des Wor.

Marriage Resources - Marriage Encounter

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage by Mark Gungor includes the following (some can be purchased individually):. - Tale of Two Brains – Why Does He/She ...

Principles of Offbeat Timing and Cross-Rhythm in Southern ... - jstor

ities of offbeat timing and cross-rhythm in southern Eve dance drum- ming.3 My ideas have been gradually developed during many years of study of African ...

.Study principles rather than methods.A mind that grasps principles ...

durchgehend quere retrokapitale Abstützung, die retrokapitale Abstützung mit Stütze des inneren Längsgewölbes (Gefahr der Kompression plantarer.

Bantu Wh-agreement and the Case against Probe Impoverishment

13 Apr 2015 ... 2000; Reintges et al. ... Chung 1994, 1998)) and for extraction morphology in general (Reintges et al. ... Clements & Ford 1979; Clements et al.

The Bantu languages of the Eastern Caprivi: A dialectometrical ...

Institute of African Studies, Meister-Ekkehart Str. 7,. Universität zu Köln, 50923 Köln [email protected]. This paper develops hypotheses about historic and ...

hotep - the The Kiswahili-Bantu Research Unit

HUTUAPO 'HOTEP'. Ancient Egyptian: HTP: Be at peace; be peaceful, to rest, to be happy, to become content, to repose. Kiswahili-Bantu meaning: HUTUAPO ...

Membangunkan Perisian Modul Alat Bantu Mengajar (Abm ...

Adobe Photoshop CS2, Ulead Cool 3D 3.5, Sony Sound Forge 8.0, Ulead GIF Animator 5.0, Macromedia. Flash 8.0, Macromedia Authorware 7.0 dan Sony ...

1 ROSANNA TRAMUTOLI Assegnista di ricerca in Linguistica bantu ...

4 nov 2019 ... Dottore di Ricerca in Asia, Africa e Mediterraneo, Università di Napoli “L'Orientale” in cotutela con l'Università di Bayreuth (Germania).

Eric Rohmer's "Die Marquise von O...", or Marriage Under ... - jstor

deine Ehre halb so ernsthaft verteidigt wie die Börse, so hätte sie dir nicht rauben können. ... of slander and soft porn: the parenthetical subtitle of the work - "(N.

"The Ladies' Tournament": Marriage, Sex, and Honor in ... - jstor

The Ladies' Tournament depicts a community of women who ... binds his wife's burned hand at the end of Stricker's Das heisse Eisen, The Glowing. Iron.