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Bernd V ogel/Corbis. Citizens' participation. By means of a European citizens' ... Mansholt was convinced that Europe needed to become self-sufficient and that ...

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The European Commission - FH des BFI Wien

Bernd V ogel/Corbis. Citizens' participation. By means of a European citizens' ... Mansholt was convinced that Europe needed to become self-sufficient and that ...

Commission Staff Working - European Commission - Europa EU

23 Mar 2011 ... the character of a revenue-producing monopoly shall be subject to the ... (Germany – Emsland, C 54/2007 and Czech Republic – C 17/2008, ...

commission europeenne - European Commission - Europa EU

UK's House of Lords report of inquiry to antimicrobial ... du nouveau comité scientifique, chargé de l'étude des ... Postfach 1260. D- 48149 Schmallenberg.

European Economic Forecast. Winter 2020 - European Commission

1 Feb 2020 ... PDF ISBN 978-92-79-98868-4 ISSN 2443-8014 doi:10.2765/535190 KC-BC-19-028-EN-N. © European Union, 2020. Reuse is authorised ...

European Economic Forecast Winter 2014 - European Commission

17 Feb 2014 ... European Economic Forecast, Winter 2014. 2 has been lowered significantly since the autumn. Inflation in the EU is now expected to dip to ...

European Economic Forecast. Summer 2018 - European Commission

3 Jul 2018 ... Overview - the summer 2018 (interim) forecast. 1 ... Real GDP growth, euro area and Member States, 2016-2017 versus ... booming economy.

European Economic Forecast Spring 2014 - European Commission

23 Apr 2014 ... Average growth rate of real GDP (2014-15), selected ... Dominik Pripužić, Alexandra Puţinelu, Diana Radu, Vito Ernesto ... Hoffmann, Jan Kattevilder, Johann Korner, Oscar Gomez Lacalle, Anders Lindqvist, Simona Pojar,.

Hamburg – European Green Capital 2011 - European Commission

ence in itself: Germany's largest floating. iBa dOCK. CliMaTe CHanGe ... urban centres of Hamburg, Lübeck and. Schwerin. ... MBC TV and Deutsche Welle TV .

trans-european transport network - European Commission - Europa ...

improving the quality of life of all European citizens. ... me to meet the challenge of achieving the trans-European transport network. ... Fehmarn belt railway axis.

European Economic Forecast Winter 2015 - European Commission

23 Jan 2015 ... Overview - the winter 2015 forecast. 1. I.1. ... European Economic Forecast, Winter 2015. 2 ... corporate tax receipts, the one-off sale of licences.

European Economic Forecast Autumn 2016 - European Commission

9 Nov 2016 ... Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs. European Economic Forecast. Autumn 2016. EUROPEAN ECONOMY. Institutional ...

Nijmegen - European Green Capital 2018 - European Commission

van Nijmegen in de European Green Capital-competitie van 2016 en 2017 kon de stad zien ... Filmfestival en de 102e editie van het Internationale Vierdaagse.

Gender Equality Law in the European Union - European Commission

22 Mar 2010 ... Elise Ketelaars. Titia Kloos ... 1, poz. 2,Tajemnica-wynagrodzenia-a-zwiazki-zawodowe,1,34,3.

quality of life in european cities - European Commission

15/11/2012 7/12/2012. Bologna. 500. 338268. Napoli. 501. 807815. Palermo. 500. 553944. Roma. 501. 2384127 ... Lampertheim. Strasbourg. Lingolsheim.

european drivers and road risk - European Commission

The SARTRE 3 project has received funding from the European Union ... countries as well so that synergetic effects can be used with a positive impact on pan-.

European Regional and Urban Statistics - European Commission

The first two series give data at sub-national level, by sex, 5-years age groups and by cause of death (65 COD list). The first series contains the absolute ...

The European Pillar of Social Rights - European Commission

SOLIDAR assessment of the draft outline of the Pillar. As a real social agenda has been absent from the EU policy-making for several years now and the Europe.

Third European Quality of Life Survey - European Commission

Eurofound (2014), Third European Quality of Life Survey – Quality of life in Europe: Families in the economic crisis,. Publications Office of the European Union, ...

Third Work Plan of the European Coordinator - European Commission

major EU economic centres such as Brussels and Antwerpen in Belgium, the Randstad region in the ... valley and Basel to Northern Italy. Construction works ...

European Space Expo - European Commission - Europa EU

18 set 2015 ... G-MOTIT: electrical scooter sharing system enabled by EGNOS and GALILEO. (Presentazione in ... Marco Molina - Finmeccanica Selex ES.

The European Social Fund - European Commission - Europa EU

ISBN 978-92-79-62159-8 - doi:10.2767/601827 (print) ... Employment: The ESF funds projects across Europe that assist people of all ages and backgrounds so ...

Regions in the European Union - European Commission - Europa EU

in turn are subdivided into NUTS 2 regions and then divided further into NUTS 3 regions. Each of these ... Oberbayern. DE211. Ingolstadt, Kreisfreie Stadt.

European Restructuring Toolbox - European Commission - Europa EU

Gladbeck, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen, Herne, Herten, ... Declining economic sectors (agriculture, fishing, textiles, shipbuilding, food ... activities to an areas of the Quartier des Spectacles (festival district) in downtown ... cars, buses and trucks but also as indicated above, suppliers from different sectors and.

growing the european silver economy - European Commission

23 Feb 2015 ... A common narrative on the EU Silver Economy. The Europe 2020 strategy calls for citizens in our ageing society to live actively and ...

The citizens of the European Union and Sport - European Commission

8 Nov 2004 ... Indeed, 2004 has been a year rich in prestigious sports events such as the European. Football Championship, commonly called Euro 2004, ...

2020 European Semester - European Commission - Europa EU

26 Feb 2020 ... statutory retirement age for the next 5 years or to implement ... There is a shortage of teachers due to low job prestige, ... increasing global demand for electric cars. While ... CSR 2: Foster the employment of women with young ...

European Textbook on Ethics in Research - European Commission

Research*eu is our monthly magazine keeping you in touch with main ... It is available in English, French, German and Spanish. ... Medical Ethics Manual ... states that: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel ... researchers, the opportunity to talk about their opin- ... acoustic shock waves from the explosion, optical.

SRG 83-7-3-1 b) AC30 European regional ... - European Commission

16 May 2018 ... OF WILD FAUNA AND FLORA ... Mathias Loertscher has been elected as Chair of the Animals Committee, Simon Nemtzov, as alternate,.

commission of the european communities - Archive of European ...

1 Marktredwitz-st. Rofgciomnr . N"ustadt w. Witzonhauoou. 1 Roscnhcim-st. Wolfhn.gcn. Bcrn.kaatol-Hittlich st. Ingbort. St. ~·!cndel. Kemnath. Landau. Lich'tcnst' ...

Directory of the European Commission - Archive of European ...

16 Dec 1993 ... Pietro Paolo MEROLLA. Member of the ... Cristina DE PRETER. C — Agriculture ... Jorge de OLIVEIRA E SOUSA ... Rolf MÖHLER. Joachim ...

A European Agenda on Migration - European Commission

13 Jan 2016 ... Poseidon in 2015 and 2016. Additional € 60 million in EU emergency funding for frontline Member States. Additional €30 million for EU ...

european commission - EUR-Lex

(2011/C 323 A/01). CONTENTS. Page. Legend . ... 8.11.2011 ... situation on 23 August 2011 (6). ... Rioja a NL 8. Roddick b NL 108. H. Rumba a FR 12744. H. Samson ... Bariton b NL 60. Baroak b NL 4. Baronet b NL 26. Barosso b NL 4.

EC - European Commission

24 Sep 2018 ... SSA checked against , 10/2011, Warenwet (list of approved starting ... manufacturer) together usually with a Worst- Case Calculation (EU cube) as exposure part. ... Use of acetic acid in hot conditions must be still confirmed.

EUROPEAN COMMISSION veisliu katalogas_31 leidimas_136016835193149606.pdf

29 Dec 2012 ... Loreley. *DE 185. D(1). Lorenz. *IT 309. D(1). Loretta. *DE 185, *NL x. D(1) ... Cordoba. *HU 106630, *AT 124, *SK 508. Cresir. *IT 681. Crina F ... Alekto. *PL 153. (15). Algoso. *CZ 385, *PL 153. (15). Aliko. *PL 611. (15).

IVS - European Commission

Informationen zum Straßenwetter, der Verkehrslage im IV sowie ÖV aufgebaut. ... von Fernverkehrsströmen über den Brennerpass und Tauerntunnel untersucht.