Form vs. Function in Ovid's "Remedia Amoris" - jstor

about Ovid's Remedia amoris: the poem claims to teach us how to escape love, but its ... enticing effect, and the sweet honey of poetry h with the bitter potion of ...

Form vs. Function in Ovid's "Remedia Amoris" - jstor - Zugehörige Dokumente

Form vs. Function in Ovid's "Remedia Amoris" - jstor

about Ovid's Remedia amoris: the poem claims to teach us how to escape love, but its ... enticing effect, and the sweet honey of poetry h with the bitter potion of ...

myth, cult and reality in ovid's "fasti" - jstor

The relation of Ovid's Fasti to Roman religion has been discussed many times, ... the Fasti being missing in most of the cases, the mythologists deeply resent ...

Ovid and the "Fasti" - jstor

Ovid and the Fasti by D. E. W. Wormell. In the year 8 a.d. Ovid was the dominant figure in the literary landscape at Rome. He was born early enough to have ...

"Soft Males," "Flying Boys," and "White Knights": New ... - jstor

hegemonic authority of the (white, heterosexual) male hero. ... downfall on the actions of an absent male, analogous to Bly's "absent father syndrome," the.

"Tabs", "Fags" and the "Boy Labour Problem" in Late Victorian ... - jstor

point to a pipe-smoking street urchin-an implement the poor urban boy could rarely afford. Towards the end of the century, though, the topic began to appear.

The Logic of Passion: Hazlitt's" Liber Amoris"

Sarah Walker, most readers of Hazlitt's Liber Amoris; or,. The New ... mate figure haunts him: "I wake with her by my side, not as my sweet bedfellow, but as the ...

"The Blues and the Veil": The Cultural Work of Musical Form in ... - jstor

I'm the hoochie coochie man, everybody knows I'm here.25. If these lyrics ... the analyses of the Frankfurt school generally, and of Herbert Marcuse in particular;.

The Word "vampire": Its Slavonic Form and Origin - jstor

vampyr, vampir, the European form which occurs in virtually all Slavonic languages: ... way it conflicts with the Orthodox Christian teaching, e.g., on sacred relics.

"Mukàndà": A New Form of Oral Luba Poetry - jstor

qui s'est evadee. J'ai dote 1100 frs pour une femme qui est decedee. Quand j'ai reclame ma dot ses parents m'ont menace! 115 Une epouse, meme vieille c'est.

"Die Geheimnisse der Form bei Richard Wagner": Structure ... - jstor

Keywords and phrases: Wagner, opera, form, Alfred Lorenz, Tristan und Isolde, Der. Ring des ... formal process of the Wagnerian Musikdrama in a system.

Fear of Form: Thomas Mann's "Der Tod in Venedig" - jstor

ing of Der Tod in Venedig risks overlooking Mann's social critique, in which the ephebe-fetish is ... The Freudian interpretation of the clenched-fist as the cle.

Debussy's "Canope" as Narrative Form - jstor

Debussy's twenty-four Preludes are among the composer's last and best- ... Canope, the tenth prelude in Book 2, though lightly regarded by many critics, pre-.

The Parisian "Vénus" and the "Paris" "Tannhäuser" - jstor

HERE ARE TWO VERSIONS of Richard Wagner's Tannhauser in the operatic repertory. ... successful production of the opera in Wiesbaden, a production that.


Bach's!C!major!Prelude!(BWV!846)!from!The!Well!Tempered!Clavier,!Book!I.!One!of!a!small! handful!of!'figural'!(or!'pattern')!keyboard!preludes!by!Bach ...

pound's "isis kuanon": an ascension motif in "the cantos" - jstor

ascension cantos, where “prana,,' the currents or winds of spiritual forces, are accorded a ... In a book that Pound owned, II Papiro Magico Vaticano,. Boris de ... cerned with the arcane relation of “curial,,poetry to musical sound. He avers ...

breaking the idol of the marriage plot in "yeast" and "villette" - jstor

Yeast: A Problem (1851) and Charlotte Bronte's Villette (1853) both abruptly collapse, ... religion, and the link he forges between marriage and religious faith has ... analogous to that endured by the hypothetical "watcher" in Shirley who cries ...

conrad's irony: "an outpost of progress" and "the secret agent" - jstor

In both "An Outpost of Progress" and The Secret Agent,. Conrad explores political and moral issues by constructing a network of ironic parallels, juxtapositions, ...

"Circulatio"-Tradition, "Maria Lactans", and Josquin as Musical ... - jstor

must ask, then: Does the circulatio come down to us as a carrier of meaning ? ... 2 ARNOLD SCHERING, Die Lehre von den musikalischen Figuren, ... Die Bildlichkeit der wortgebundenen Musik Johann Sebastian Bachs (Mainz 1950). ... MEISS, Masaccio and the Early Renaissance: The Circular Plan, in: Studies in Western.

Albee's Beast Fables: "The Zoo Story" and "A Delicate Balance" - jstor

Edward Albee's The Zoo Story, his first play, introduces us to many of the ... Carol A. Sykes, former instructor in English at Itbaca College, is now ... 21). Its length, similarly, is the most outstanding aspect of Tobias' relationship with Harry.

"Scratching Away the Male Tradition": Christa Wolf's "Kassandra" - jstor

Erziihlung: Kassandra) at the same time as the novel that grew from that initial ... not worried about the interpretation of the dream, that no one will believe her ...

"Defying Gravity": Queer Conventions in the Musical "Wicked" - jstor

Galinda, the vapid, popular girl who becomes Glinda the Good Witch. Wicked follows. Elphaba from birth to boarding school, where she is sent to care for her ...

"Authentic Reproductions": Staging the "Wild West" in Modern ... - jstor

ironic reference to the Playboy riots.25 Indeed, their play is a parodie composite ... 55 Bernadette Quinn, "Images of Ireland in Europe," in Culture, Tourism and ...

Adalbert Stifter's "Forewords" to "Bunte Steine" in English: His ... - jstor

Adalbert Stifter's "Forewords" to Bunte Steine in English: His Poetics, Aesthetics, and Weltanschauung. G. H. Hertling. The following pages will present for the ...

"Der Reiz des Reigens": "Reigen" Works by Arthur Schnitzler ... - jstor

The reception of Arthur Schnitzler's Reigen] on its long journey to becoming one of the best-known German-language plays from the turn of the last century has ...

"holy foolishness" and "crazy wisdom" as teaching styles in ... - jstor

Shah and the autobiographical accounts of Reshad Feild and Llewellyn. Vaughan-Lee serve as paradigms of a teaching style that embodies holy madness.

"Power of the Norm" to "Flexible Normalism": Considerations ... - jstor

(WAZ discussion with swimming star Franziska van Almsick [Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, February 13, 1993]). "The naked truth is-I am normal!" (Interview ...

Goethe's "Egmont" as a Possible Source of Hugo's "Hernani" - jstor

Robsart, based directly on the English novel, was still doubtle fresh in the French ... conclusive proof that Hugo went immediately to Egmont for his i spiration.

"Love for Sale" or "That's Amore": Representing Prostitution ... - jstor

Significantly, the narrative makes a diegetic feint, withdrawing into as much ... un moto struggente, e nell'altro la stacca da sé con un'operazione epica, usando il.

"Promenaden" in Mussorgskis "Bilder einer Ausstellung" - jstor

standene Zyklus )>Bilder einer Ausstellung< einen besonderen Platz ein. Diese Folge von ... das )Gnomus<( tiberschriebene erste StUck des Zyklus. Nach dem ...

"Yhwh Is Not with Israel": Alliances as a "Topos" in Chronicles - jstor

occurred ("|OV instead of an original "joyV Dnx DV) lacks textual support and misconstrues the. Chronicler's reuse of 1 Kgs 15:16 (see below). 26 A few Hebrew ...

"Just Another Love Story" — "Monkey Grip" on the Screen - jstor

"Just Another Love Story " - Monkey Grip on the Screen ... things, another form of reception. ... reduce the political potential of the innovative literary text by.

"Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" and "Jeux": Debussy's ... - jstor

pursuit of two nymphs by a faun under a hot ... ballet productions of Faun and Jeux took place within a year of ... lonian lyric, while Mallarme's eclogue has be-.

Disney's "Mulan"—the "True" Deconstructed Heroine? - jstor

will my reflection show who I am inside?" The realization that she is "not meant to play this part" impels Mulan to forge her own role and write her own "part.

"Bismarck" or "Britain"? Toward an American Grand Strategy ... - jstor

part argues for a grand strategy entitled "Globalizing Bismarck," and does so ... between "balancing" and "bandwagoning" is borrowed from Stephen Walt,.

"modern ecstasy": "macbeth" and the meaning of the political - jstor

the periods political theory.7 Like any historical process, however, the emergence of the early modern English state was just as much subjec tive as much as it is ...

"The Yellow Wallpaper": A Rediscovered "Realistic" Story - jstor

"The Yellow Wallpaper, "1 however, a short story written in ... tempt to analyze the various causes and consequences of women's psychic and soma tic illnesses ...