Freshwater Bivalve Extinctions (Mollusca: Unionoida): A ... - jstor

ver, British Columbia. 2 Mailing address: 36 Venus Way, Sewell, NJ 08080-. 1970. ... H. Jungbluth, Neckarsteinach, Germany;. Dr. Rudolf Kilias, Museum fur ...

Freshwater Bivalve Extinctions (Mollusca: Unionoida): A ... - jstor - Zugehörige Dokumente

Freshwater Bivalve Extinctions (Mollusca: Unionoida): A ... - jstor

ver, British Columbia. 2 Mailing address: 36 Venus Way, Sewell, NJ 08080-. 1970. ... H. Jungbluth, Neckarsteinach, Germany;. Dr. Rudolf Kilias, Museum fur ...

Overexploitation and Species Extinctions - jstor

ple (Mainka 2002). It is therefore a significant challenge to ensure the survival of species and the liveli- hoods of people dependent on those species in many ...

Reconstructed Dynamics of Rapid Extinctions of Chaparral ... - jstor

chaparral habitat and canyon age (time since isolation of ... 76 Rapid Extinctions of Chaparral-Requiring Birds Soule et al. ... 8.0 y=1.6028 1.2895x R =0.80. 6.0.

Solenogastres, Mollusca - jstor

shaped cells ("Keulenzellen") with a central vacuole containing a glandular body. Absorption, however, was not reported for these cells but only suggested for.

Mollusca of the Grand Canyon and Vicinity, Arizona: New and ... - jstor

18 Apr 1980 ... Grand Canyon, northern Arizona, and the state of Arizona. ... sometimes with reference to current geologic map (Huntoon et al. 1976) (e.g. station 109). ... are <7.9 m3/s (Johnson & Sanderson 1968). No ... Tainter, S. L. 1947.

A list of the Land and Fresh-water Mollusca of the Malay ... - jstor

Sykes' specimens were from a cave near Bisirat in Jalor (Skeat ... Leptopoma aspirans Sykes, Proc. Zool. ... Cyclophorus (Salpingophorus) malayanus (Bens.).

Fixed Focal-Length Optics in Pulmonate Snails (Mollusca ... - jstor

International University Bremen, School of Engineering and Science, Research II, Campus Ring 6, ... and that the eyes do little more than respond to light.

published work on freshwater science from the freshwater biological ...

In Euphrates and Tigris (ed J. Rzoska), pp. 63-79. Junk, ... In Techniques in microbial ecology (eds R.S. Burlage, R. Atlas, D. Stahl, G. Geesey & G. Sayler), pp.

The Freshwater Cladocera - jstor

Cette liste comprend 110 esp?ces de Cladoc?res appartenant aux ordres Ctenopoda et Anomopoda. S'y ajoutent des commentaires ?cologiques,.

Freshwater Fish, Freshwater Shrimps and other Invertebrates

Corydoras habrosus. Corydoras hastatus. Corydoras julii. Corydoras kanei. Corydoras loxozonus. Corydoras melanotaenia. Corydoras melini. Corydoras metae.

Reproductive Strategy of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel ... - jstor

Sex change in males and females. On 6 May ... change had occurred and if males and females equally had changed sex. ... Die Perlenmuscheln in Oberfranken.

Phylogeography of the temperate marine bivalve Cerastoderma ...

12 Apr 2018 ... Jungner, 1977; Møller, 1989; Romundset, Fredin, & Høgaas, 2015), while no ... Bogstad, & Tjelmeland, 2009; Helle & Pennington, 1999; Milei-.

Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Santonian) inoceramid bivalve ...

discrepancy is not related to the definition of the Co niacian substages, because the ... Die Oberkreide der Sack-Mulde bei Alfeld (Ceno man - Unter-Coniac) ...

Mass extinctions - Cell Press

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell. Biology and Genetics,. Pfotenhauerstrasse 108, 01307. Dresden, Germany. E-mail: [email protected] Current Biology ...

Mollusca: Bivalvia

(either glochidium or lasidium according to the taxa) parasite on fishes, which represent an alternative way of dispersal (only few Unionids have secondarily.

Mollusca – Weichtiere

35 Mundsaum einfach, scharf, ohne Lippe u. ohne Zähne oder Lamellen .......................... 36 ... Emarginula fissura (L.) – Geschlitzte Napfschnecke. MoLLUSCA – ...

mollusca, gastropoda

... 1836); P – Lindholmomneme nordenskioldi (Martens, 1876); R – Cernu- ella neglecta (Draparnaud, 1805); S – Karaftohelix middendorffi (Gerstfeldt, 1859).

Die Weichtiere (Mollusca) - Zobodat

MÜLLER 1774), Divertikel- oder Nudelschnecke: Zirkummediterran; auch aus Kleinasien und von der Krim gemeldet (PFLEGER 1984); gelegentlich in einzelne ...

Sex Change in the Mollusca -

kg the age at which they change sex, a 'though the critical ecological changes arpear to be different. The physiological switch that activates sex change also.

Mollusca, Gastropoda, Opisthobranchia - PNAS

21 Jun 2012 ... ming. LR, left-right flexion; NS, nonswimmer; DV, dorsal-ventral flexion; LU, left-right undulation; BS, breast stroke; DU, dorsal-ventral ...

systematics, phylogeny and zoogeography of bulimulinae (mollusca)

spirifer, Bulimus, Gabb, 1868: 236 ([Mexico, Baja California] from San Antonio, below. L a Paz to near ... Kings and Sabogo Islands, Bay of Panama). varicosus ...

New names introduced by H. A. Pilsbry in the Mollusca and Crustacea

3, this is only a repubHcation and the "nueva especie" should ... exlex Pils. Coelocentrum (Elasmocentrum) 1902, Man. of Conch, (2) 15: 50, pi. ... 18 (Mt. Diablo,.

Taxonomy of the family Siliquariidae (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda ...

Ris., Dipartimento per lo Studio del Territorio e delle sue Risorse,. Università di ... cisa Chemnitz, Ian Loch (Australian Museum, Sydney), Marco Ta- viani (C.N.R. ... invaluable help in ICZN advice, and Erika Iyengar (Cornell Uni- versity, USA) ...

mollusca bivalvia palaeoheterodonta - MUSSEL Project

Lasidium larvae, like glochidia, are also small (85-. 150 µm), but they are of a wholly different morphology. The lasidia are univalved, non- calcareous, and ...

The benthic Mollusca and Brachiopoda of subantarctic Marion and ...

lished cnl!et1tio11:) made by U1e Marion-Dufresne /97 1976 and. 1hc UnivcrsiL) u( Capt' ... A Brey-Curtis similarity analysib of the entire benchic inve11ebrate ...

(Mollusca, Gastropoda), d'Anjou (Loire France) - Natuurtijdschriften

ennen sind; R glatt, Fossula schmal.' Average of ... 1933 (holotype), CS 5140, Castell'Arquato, Italy, early Piacenzian, middle Pliocene; ... new species of Cleo-.


In the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic, fishing was performed with the hands: fish were ... fishing and fish culture in brackish waters, such as those near the sea in several parts of the ... Der Lago Santo bei Cembra (Trentino, Italien), Ver. Schutze ...


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Freshwater Recreational Fishing in NSW

Quy định này cũng áp dụng đối với việc bắt tôm càng, tôm hùm đất yabby và ... Bundalong và khi bắt cá phía bên NSW của các con sông Dumaresq, MacIntyre và Barwon (đối ... lưu vực sông. Snowy River hiện ở mức bị đe dọa tuyệt giống.) ▽.

Furnishing - Freshwater Stone

Over time, it has tak- en on a beautifr-rl silvety color. The most ambitious outdoor piece was the long bridge (see photo onp.52).Ihad never built a bridge before.

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2008). In China, a decrease in streamflow in the Yellow River (1960–. 2000) is ... (2009b); de Graaf and der Brugge (2010); Dembo (2010); Godfrey et al. (2010); ...

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Decision-Making: Sustainable development: The Government of the Slovak Republic is the resulting decisive body. MF SR is a body responsible for this area.

Freshwater Angelfish - Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Pterophyllum scalare reaches sexual maturity at about 10 months of age. • Sexing is difficult. Males have pointed, short, breeding tubes that extend from the vent.

Freshwater ecosystems of Tiritiri Matangi

report to be completed. This report should be cited as: Surrey, G. 2015. Freshwater ecosystems of Tiritiri Matangi. Supporters of. Tiritiri Matangi (Inc.), Auckland.

277 caridina trifasciata, a new species of freshwater shrimp

A new atyid species, Caridina trifasciata, is described from Hong Kong. Morphological investigations show obvious differences from previously recorded ...

A Global Overview of the Conservation of Freshwater Decapod ...

Süßwasser-Krabben nach der Sammlung des Naturhistorischen Museums in Genf/Schweiz. Revue Suisse ... Aquaterrarium: Dähne Verlag, Ettlingen. Reynolds ...