The scalerel Package - CTAN

29 Dec 2016 ... The scalerel package is used to scale and vertically stretch objects, ... 1By LATEX math styles, we mean displaystyle, extstyle, scriptstyle, and.

The scalerel Package - CTAN - Zugehörige Dokumente

The scalerel Package - CTAN

29 Dec 2016 ... The scalerel package is used to scale and vertically stretch objects, ... 1By LATEX math styles, we mean displaystyle, extstyle, scriptstyle, and.

The garamondx package - CTAN

11 Mar 2017 ... using the getnonfreefonts script that used to be part of TEXLive. Instructions for installation are laid out at

The fontawesome5 package - CTAN

15 Jan 2020 ... This package provides LATEX support for the Font Awesome 5 icons. ... download the new Desktop Fonts from into ...

The enumerate package - CTAN

23 Jul 2015 ... They each end with a call to @enloop, which starts the processing of the next token. @enLabel Add the counter to the label. #2 will be one of ...

The quoting package - CTAN

28 Jan 2014 ... Currently, csquotes uses quote as a backend environment, but with. LATEX's default settings, this is not appropriate for multi-paragraph quotes.

The subfigure Package - CTAN

15 Mar 2002 ... This article documents the LATEX package 'subfigure', which provides ... put two images side-by-side in a single figure as shown in figure 1:2.

The fancytabs package - CTAN

The following code adds a tab with the chapter name, positioned by chapter order, on each odd page. documentclass{scrbook}. usepackage{scrpage2}.  ...

The threeparttable package - CTAN

5 Mar 2010 ... The title and notes are given a width equal to the body of the table (a tabular environment). By itself, a threeparttable does not float, but you can ...

The Song ook Package - CTAN

30 Apr 2010 ... PDF versions of the file are included for quick and easy use. crd2sb a perl script which converts Chord files into Songbook files. Contributed.

The listofsymbols.sty package (v0.2) - CTAN

(This is the LaTeX standard). You can use only one of the options draft, final, Final or nomencl and only one of the options nopageno or pageno. 1.2 Macros.

The moderntimeline package - CTAN

... this package. 2 Usage. This package is to be used together with the moderncv class, and can be loaded ... {Somewhere}{}{Tried hard to typeset documents}.

The algorithmicx package - CTAN

27 Apr 2005 ... The package algorithmicx itself doesn't define any algorithmic commands, but gives a set of macros to define such a command set. You may use ...

The begingreek package - CTAN

the font definition file with file extension .fd; for example, if the Didot fonts pro- duced by the Greek Font Society (GFS) are desired, it must be specified as udidot.

The ccaption package - The CTAN archive

7 Aug 2011 ... mous' caption (a legend) that can be used in any environment. It also pro- vides commands to define captions that can be used outside float ...

The todonotes package - The CTAN archive

24 Jan 2019 ... ikzexternalize. ewcommand{ uggedtodo}[2][]{ ikzexternaldisable odo[#1]{#2} ikzexternalenable}. 1.8.13 Highligt text to fix. Tobias Winchen ...

algorithm2e.sty — package for algorithms - CTAN

6 Jan 2013 ... can number them individually with l command as for line 1 or line 2. ... get relative size for lines numbers; but it seems that some rare classes ...

The longfigure Package - The CTAN archive

6 Jan 2014 ... how the lists are typeset, see the tocloft package documentation. • The counters and macros that start with LT in the longtable package are.

The fontawesome5 package - The CTAN archive

15 Jan 2020 ... This package provides LATEX support for the Font Awesome 5 icons. ... download the new Desktop Fonts from into ...

The selnolig package: Selective suppression of typographic ... - CTAN

26 Oct 2015 ... olig{Hoff[aäiloöruü]}{Hof|f}. % (viele Fälle!) ... keeplig{Löffeld} % Löffeldüngung. keeplig{löffeld} ... Waldhoffan. olig{hoffersch}{hof|fersch}.

SMB Mechanical Data Package View Package Outline Dimensions ...

SMB Package Information. Rev. ... Surface Mount Package ... Naming Convention for Standard SMT Land Patterns, and for International grid details, please see ...


10 Jun 2014 ... production tool for Pragma (which is a pub- ... imagine, a glossary). Both types of file ... So, since you can't install into the pub- lic texmf tree, you ...

This is ducksay! - CTAN

use extcolor in the 〈ascii-art〉 with the syntax extcolor{〈color〉}{〈text〉}. Note that you can't ... "-_____-". "-___-"}. 1198 %^^A

titlesec - CTAN

sectsty, by Rowland McDonnell, and tocloft, by Peter Wilson, which you can make pretty things with.1. Some of the new features provided are: • Different classes ...

chemexec - CTAN

6. März 2011 ... chemexec v1.0 steht unter der LaTeX Project Public License Version 1.3 ... 3Die chemische Struktur wurde mit Hilfe des streeTEX-Pakets von ...

siunitx - CTAN

25 Feb 2020 ... unpack the dtx yourself, running tex siunitx.dtx will extract the package whereas ... weber. weber. Wb. Table 3 – Non-SI units accepted for use with the ... Unit. Macro. Symbol ångström. angstrom. Å bar. ar bar barn. arn b.

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Visual TikZ - CTAN

31 May 2018 ... To consult the documentation, I have given the number of the ... <tikz <draw[Triangle-Circle,line width=.2cm,blue] (0,0) - - (3.5,1) ;. Triangle- ...

The komacv class - CTAN

17 Apr 2017 ... ibility of the moderncv class with the biblatex package was actually the ... With documentclass{komacv} at the beginning of your document the.

struktex.sty - The CTAN archive

4. Juni 2018 ... geplant, die Struktogramme unter dem Einsatz des Makros aus emlines2.sty zu zeichnen, um die durch LATEX gegebenen Einschränkungen ...

The beamer class - CTAN

A beamer presentation is created like any other LATEX document: It has a preamble and a body, the body ... The newest version of LATEX 2 kernel has introduced TU encoding for xelatex and lualatex. ... Dresden is a town in Germany.

The LaTeX2e Sources - CTAN

2 Feb 2020 ... This file is maintained by the LATEX Project team. Bug reports can be ... UNIX-like syntax, each <dir> should end with a slash, /. ... use the default settings with a current version of TEX, but this should not cause ... @xdblarg 385 ... from scanning too far when it is executing the replacement text of the loading.

KOMA-Script - CTAN

19 Dec 2019 ... LATEX run of any document that uses a KOMA-Script class. ... most examples using scrpage2 found in LATEX books or on the Internet.

LATEX for usicians - CTAN

19 Jan 2019 ... Music features may consist of music symbols, song lyrics, guitar chords diagrams, lead sheets, music excerpts, guitar tablatures, multi-page.

TikZ - The CTAN archive

The library was written to extend the TikZ-library The reader is urged to read the Section “Circuit Libraries” of TikZ manual. This library defines the.

LATEX 2ε Befehlsübersicht - CTAN

29. Nov. 2014 ... Nummerierte Liste. egin{itemize}. Gepunktete Liste. egin{description} Beschreibungsliste. item text. Listenelement. item[x] text x anstatt der ...

Starter's TEX - The CTAN archive

This paper tries to give an overview of the development of TEX and related programs. ... KerTEX project page.