Catalyzed Annulation of Boc-Protected ... - Semantic Scholar

7 Mar 2019 ... Abstract: A mild rhodium-catalyzed annulation of Boc-protected benzamides with diazo compounds via C−C/C−O bond formation has been ...

Catalyzed Annulation of Boc-Protected ... - Semantic Scholar - Zugehörige Dokumente

Catalyzed Annulation of Boc-Protected ... - Semantic Scholar

7 Mar 2019 ... Abstract: A mild rhodium-catalyzed annulation of Boc-protected benzamides with diazo compounds via C−C/C−O bond formation has been ...

Rhodium-Catalyzed [2 2 2] Cycloaddition of ... - Semantic Scholar

Meinen Eltern und meiner Schwester Bianca erbringe ich unermeßlichen Dank ... [177] B. Orlińska, J. Zawadiak, R. Mazurkiewicz, Z. Stec, H. Koroniak, Monatsh.

Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis - Semantic Scholar

Alexandre Alexakis (Editor), Norbert Krause (Editor), Simon Woodward (Editor) ... ETH Zürich and Yale University, he joined TU Darmstadt where he obtained ...

Community attitudes towards protected areas - Semantic Scholar

costs, Digya National Park, Ghana, Mole National Park, protected areas. Introduction ... gest National Parks, Mole and Digya, as case studies. Factors affecting ...

The Status of Palau's Marine Protected Areas And the Protected ...

The Status of Palau's Marine Protected Areas. And the Protected Areas Network. Kevin Polloi. Palau International Coral Reef Center ...

DNS and semantic analysis for phishing detection - Semantic Scholar

29 Mar 2018 ... hacking replacement pattern for the character "f". ... passwords or credit card information, the confirmation of a ... DNS spoofing or registration of free domain names for malicious purposes, which is mostly used. ... brings some good results, especially for the domain names and

Story Understanding through Semantic Analysis ... - Semantic Scholar

SVMs (Malisiewicz et al., 2011) for each cluster, and the SVM prediction scores ... in creating text queries, a subset of our queries are obtained from a fan forum3.

Semantic Annotation of Collaborative Work ... - Semantic Scholar

15 Apr 2018 ... to the Ontology Community Wiki so that it serves as a semantic ... classes, attributes (Baclawski et al., 2013; Dragan, Baclawski, Chan, Durusau ... Amanda Priscilla Araujo da Silva developed an innovative tool called the CMIS.

Semantic Domains in Computational Linguistics - Semantic Scholar

tural model for lexical semantics proposed by Jost Trier at the beginning of the last century. The basic assumption is that the lexicon is structured into. Semantic ...

A look at Google Scholar, PubMed, and Scirus ... - Semantic Scholar

Scirus is also discussed (its pros and cons) as a free search alternative to GS. Based on the re- quirements for complex searches, we make a recommenda- tion for ...

Extracting Semantic Relationships between ... - Semantic Scholar

The Wikipedia is the largest online collaborative knowledge sharing system, a free ... distinctive feature is the incorporation of semantic information directly into wiki pages. Later, the ... Mega Digimon. 1 ... Master's thesis, Saarland University, Germany, February 2005. 10. Markus Krötzsch, Denny Vrandecic, and Max Völkel.

Semantic Web Grundlagen - Einführung und XML - Semantic Scholar

17. Okt. 2011 ... Z.B.: als URI für Shakespeares “Othello” nicht geeignet, besser ...

193-235 n. Chr. - Semantic Scholar

werden, zusätzlich zu den alexandrinischen, römische Tetradrachmen für den ... Messalina mit verhülltem Haupt und Ähren im Arm im Kanon der Erntegöttin ...

GFP - Semantic Scholar

abzuwehren (z.B. Zwergtintenfische). Einige dieser faszinierenden Geschöpfe leben in der Tiefsee. (> 300 m Meerestiefe), wo Licht ein rares Gut ist. Während ...

All-You-Can-Eat - Semantic Scholar

9 Jun 2008 ... Specifically, when the price of an all-you-can-eat pizza restaurant was discounted by ... consumption is maximized, and then stop. ... Ariely D. and J. Levav (2000), “Sequential Choice in Group Settings: Taking the Road Less.

TAM - Semantic Scholar

of 398 users of Facebook gathered from a web-based questionnaire survey. Findings – The results demonstrate that the revised social media TAM model ...

PBO - Semantic Scholar

30 Apr 2018 ... JHHG delves heavily into the property market through outsourcing in anticipation of major market corrections. Liu and Chen. Project Management ...

Cu(II) - Semantic Scholar

4.73E-11 1.65E 06. 7.84E-11 1.93E 08. 4.16E-11. 0.9738 0.0019584. 260 2.35E 05. 4.80E-11 1.16E 06. 8.05E-11 1.56E 08. 4.48E-11. 0.96724. 0.001954 ...

Cha Do / Tee-Weg - Semantic Scholar

sellschaft für den Handel mit Asien gegründet, die Vereinigte Ostindische Compagnie. (VOC). Sie war zu ihrer Zeit die größte Monopolhandelsgesellschaft der ...

DDS - Semantic Scholar

In the system of Figure 2, the AD9834 DDS chip is used as the analog stimulus for the system. It is driven with a 50-MHz crystal oscillator. The frequency resolution ...

What Is It Like to Be a Bat? - Semantic Scholar

Nagel argues that it seems impossible for us to capture in objec- tive analysis the subjective experience of a bat. I might imagine what it would be like for me to ...

WoW Is the New MUD - Semantic Scholar

4 Oct 2006 ... Keywords: MMORPG; MUD; game studies; role-playing games ... This hints at a gothic/fantastic world and one where there are dragons.

It Goes Without Saying - Semantic Scholar

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING. Richard M. Felder. Department of Chemical Engineering. North Carolina State University. Raleigh, NC 27695-7905. I never liked ...

FFB - Semantic Scholar

Bunch (FFB) transportation based on genetic algorithm: A case study in PTPN III Indonesia ... has 8 dump trucks for the FFB transportation process with the production of ... M. Makky & P. Soni, J. of Food Eng. Elsevier E. 120, 248-259 (2014). 2.

PKM - Semantic Scholar

The PKM, is a improved and lighter version of the PK machine gun using stamped metal components ... infantry general purpose machinegun in the Soviet Army.

Wow! - Semantic Scholar

The string of numbers and characters “6EQUJ5” we see in channel 2 of the printout [1]. The signal-strength sequence “6EQUJ5” in channel 2 of the computer ...

DFT-D - Semantic Scholar

sp3 and sp2 electronic situations of about 25% seems to be very important for the ... 94 A. Hellweg, C. Hättig, S. Höfener, and W. Klopper, Theor. Chem. Acc.

PUS - Semantic Scholar

15 Oct 2013 ... P U S. Discourse over a contested technology on Twitter: A case study of ... 7502. #natgas. 77.8%. 22.2%. 5030. #shale. 74.4%. 25.6%. 4977.

EVo - Semantic Scholar

18 Apr 2016 ... ... by a needle gripper, a laser scans the preform's topology to determine its thickness. Technical data trimming robot. • Reis portal robot RLP16.

TVN - Semantic Scholar

A preliminary glance at the program output of commercial stations that have a general remit (mainly TV Polsat and. TVN) suggests that they deal with politics out ...

sis - Semantic Scholar

sis. This iterative approach allows resources to be con- centrated on characterizing the uncertainty in the most ... 13=[fh!P2!...!wll=o. In this case, can be regarded as a randomly sampled T. F-distribution with (n, m ... 5300 Bonn 2. GERMANY.

8SQ - Semantic Scholar

1981, 1983), separation of the eight mood-state dimensions has not yet been verified by an independent investigation on large samples, different from those.

IQ, EQ or SQ - Semantic Scholar

1 Mar 2015 ... Keywords: intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, positive psychology. Page 3. Preeti Wadhwani – IQ, EQ or SQ: Searching the ...

What is Web 2.0? - Semantic Scholar

7 Feb 2007 ... has meant that the concept of the wiki, as a ... ... part of the process of publication (Frey, 2006) and the Murray-Rust.

MRT - Semantic Scholar

17. Juli 2003 ... Köpfchen passiert dabei das sog. Levatortor, das von den beiden medialen Anteilen des M. levator ani, den Mm. puborectales, gebildet wird.

ISP - Semantic Scholar

Pengukuran aplikasi menggunakan handphone samsung galaxy note 3 neo berbasis android interface dengan menggunakan aplikasi nPerf dan 4Gmark yang.