The Witches of Eastwick - Daily Script

SUKIE'S HOUSE - DAY ... days... 28. ANGLE - FELICIA. 28. Who is smiling but having trouble keeping her eyes open. ... husband unloads a woman -- however.

The Witches of Eastwick - Daily Script - Zugehörige Dokumente

The Witches of Eastwick - Daily Script

SUKIE'S HOUSE - DAY ... days... 28. ANGLE - FELICIA. 28. Who is smiling but having trouble keeping her eyes open. ... husband unloads a woman -- however.

X-Men - Daily Script

The freckled kid looks and sees that Scott's eyes are watering so badly that tears are literally streaming through his fingers. He goes back to the niirror to look at his ...

Mean Girls - Daily Script

6 Mar 2003 ... the last four years in a hut in ... JANIS IAN, a fleshy girl with punk hair and clothes, and her friend ... classes, except for senior Calculus. DAMIAN.

the last boy scout - Daily Script

marching band music, deafeningly loud, as we SUPERIMPOSE the legend: SOLDIER FIELD, CHICAGO NOVEMBER 14. INT. ANNOUNCER'S BOOTH.

ocean's 11 - Daily Script

97. INT. BELLAGIO CASINO - OUTSIDE RESTAURANT. 97. Rusty and Linus watch the entrance: No one enters. LINUS. Give him another ten ...

The Man Who Knew Too Much - Daily Script

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. An Original Screenplay by. John Michael Hayes. Converted to PDF by SCREENTALK

Supernatural - Daily Script

“Supernatural”. TEASER. OVER BLACK--. LAWRENCE, KANSAS. 1982. EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET - NIGHT. A small town American HOME on a small ...

Crank - Daily Script

20 Feb 2005 ... 2. 2. INT CHEV'S BEDROOM, MORNING. (this scene plays out as a ... leathers, are scattered around the room, shooting stick, ... A HELICOPTER VIEW OF CHEV DRIVING HIS CAR INTO FOX HILLS ... (in a bloodthirsty rage).

Adaptation - Daily Script

ADAPTATION by. Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman adapted from the book. THE ORCHID THIEF by. Susan Orlean. September 24, 1999. Second Draft ...

Inside Out - Daily Script

RILEY. Andersen makes her move. She's closing in! DAD. (grabbing a broom). Hey! Oh, no you're not!

The Bodyguard - Daily Script

RACHEL. And I want to be able to eat brunch with my friends. FRANK. Go on Tuesday this week. Spector looks at him as though he were a Martian.

The Zero Theorem - Daily Script

14 Feb 2005 ... flashes Qohen a sexy smile, takes the wine glass from him. BAINSLEY ... you to the Zero Theorem Project. He's ... ManCom will send you new downloads ... They lie on a beach, ocean before them, lush jungle behind them.

GONE GIRL - Daily Script

29 Aug 2013 ... Gillian Flynn. Screenplay by ... He turns and stares back at his HOUSE as if girding himself. He strides ... suicide after Amy broke up with him.

true romance - Daily Script

TRUE ROMANCE by. Quentin ... wearin' penny loafers. Despite ... CLARENCE'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT ... I'da been a boy, they wouldn't.

Stranger Things - Daily Script

19 Oct 2015 ... WATCH THROUGH THE FLICKERING LIGHTS AS THE SCIENTIST IS ... MIKE (V.O.) ... But a split second before she reaches the door --.

Starship Troopers - Daily Script

The. CAMERA catches a glimpse of HUGE CLAWS as Cap Trooper JOHNNY RICO,. 18, blows away SOMETHING BIG big with his pulse cannon. JOHNNY. Com' ...

Letters to Juliet - Daily Script

11 Dec 2008 ... "Dear Juliet, how do you know when you're in ... But Sophia works only on that one letter to Claire Smith. She ... this letter to my grandmother,.

Mr Holland's Opus.SCW - Daily Script

up and down on his knee. Cole pounds on the keys with his little hands. HERRICK. Look, Honey, he's got the beat. The kid's a natural, he's gonna be a musical ...

Singin' in the Rain - Daily Script


The Bourne Supremacy - Daily Script

11 Jul 2003 ... MARIE. Where were you, Jason? BOURNE. In the car. Conklin up front. Page 3. 2.

Interview with the Vampire - Daily Script

A series of simple gestures. Only I moved too fast for you to see. I'm flesh and blood. Only not human. ... a full-fledged vampire of high gloss -- sitting on a bench staring at the coffin. ... The gleaming burning light is gone. LOUIS. Where are we?

Lady Bird - Daily Script

great life. LADY BIRD. I'm sorry I'm not perfect. MARION. Nobody is asking you to be perfect! ... There are the classics: St. ... Andrea than it is for the baby, and.

Rocky Balboa - Daily Script

6 Oct 2005 ... Seated on an old folding chair is ROCKY BALBOA. Several yards away, staring in the opposite direction is PAULIE. His eyes are heavy with ...

American Splendor - Daily Script

American Splendor by. Robert Pulcini and. Shari Springer Berman. The Official Shooting Script -. For Educational Purposes Only ...

The Blues Brothers - Daily Script

SONG: "Minnie the Moocher". Throughout the song, Jake and Elwood sneak up to the hotel. They come across the Winnebago. Elwood enters and glues down ...

toni erdmann - Daily Script

Winfried steps a couple of meters into the house and calls to someone. The mailman waits professionally. WINFRIED (O.S.) (CONT'D). Toni?! Did you order ...

Pretty Woman - Daily Script

13 Mar 1989 ... pauses. She pulls a dead leaf from one of the potted plants. ... velvet robe, stands in the living room talking into a cordless phone. EDWARD.

Lethal Weapon 4 - Daily Script

DENTAL RECEPTIONIST. Can't you go to your own dentist? LEO. He's in Cleveland. I'm visiting. L.A. I was in Chinatown looking for those black kung-fun slippers.

King Kong - Daily Script


RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Screenplay by ... - Daily Script

In the rear car, Golber and Belzig are trying to see through the thick clouds of dust. Suddenly is clears completely. Unfortunately for them, this happens because ...

Prison Break pilot - Daily Script

5 Dec 2003 ... ORIGAMI SWAN. In the b.g., Michael enters. He crosses to the clippings, begins pulling them from the wall, ...

House M.D. - Occam's Razor - Daily Script

6 Jul 2004 ... HOUSE. Character List. Episode 5501 - Blue Revisions. Dr. Gregory ... 4. INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY -- DAY. House walks with Wilson, who ...

TFIOS 2nd Pink Revisions 9.30.13 FF.fdx - Daily Script

The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13. 4. (CONTINUED) ... Maybe now I'll play a song... EXT. CHURCH - ... Let's watch a movie. The Fault In Our Stars ...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Daily Script

FIGG adjusts her porch chair in order to watch Harry better. The sound of harsh laughter reaches Harry's ears. He looks up. Dudley and his gang of followers are ...

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Pilot by Carter Bays ... - Daily Script

28 Jan 2005 ... NARRATOR (O.S.). *. *. Okay. You guys are old enough. I'm. * gonna. * tell you the story of how I met. * your mother. *. DAUGHTER.


date. They involve matters of a delicate and sometimes scandalous nature, as will shortly become apparent ... They are, of course, SHERLOCK HOLMES and. DR. JOHN H. WATSON. ... two-and-six -- or shall I throw her back in the river? MRS.